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by Richard230 Published on 02-17-17 09:23 AM
Here is an interesting short article published by Bike Bandit that discusses what to look for if you think your battery is starting to fail and when it should be replaced: http://www.motorcycle.com/ask-mo-anything/when-will-my-motorcycle-battery-die.html
by johnramwell Published on 01-08-17 10:54 AM
Is there a good reason for the strange shape of the heads, conical fluted, on these bolts?
What kind of spanner/socket is needed to work them?
I would like to use the front 2 as mounting points for Denali DM Micro running lights.

by Richard230 Published on 01-06-17 09:33 AM
Here is an article published by Motorcycle.com regarding splicing and soldering wires that you might find interesting and useful:

by Richard230 Published on 10-26-16 09:09 AM
Here is a link to a list of chemicals and their effect on polycarbonate plastic, which is used on many windshields and headlight covers:
by Richard230 Published on 10-02-16 04:58 PM
Bike Bandit has published an article detailing the advantages and disadvantages of lithium batteries:
by Richard230 Published on 09-20-16 09:33 AM
These two handouts regarding front wheel alignment and suspension terms, prepared by Aftershocks (a SF Bay Area suspension expert), are interesting and informative.
by Mokkybear Published on 08-28-16 11:00 PM
The cam chain on the F800 series is continuous, requiring the engine to be taken out of the frame and the oil pan removed from the engine in order to replace it. This takes something like 24 hours work.

The GS Adventure riders have discovered a suitable master link that enables the chain to be replaced without removing the engine - split the old one and new one, join them temporarily with the master link, pull the new chain through using the old chain, then remove the master link and use it.....
by Richard230 Published on 08-14-16 08:56 AM
Bike Bandit has some suggestions and procedures for cleaning hazy and foggy plastic headlight lenses here:
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