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Hall of Wisdom

by Richard230 Published on 05-14-17 04:54 PM
Here is a brake pad and rotor replacement informational article. This one written by Galfer, so it might be a little slanted, but I assume that they know what they are talking about. However, the last half of the article talks about brake discs, how to clean them and how to break-in new pads, which I found interesting. (They recommend not using brake parts cleaner to clean brake discs, as an example.)...
by Frosty J Published on 07-22-16 09:51 PM
Does anyone know the size speed bleeder(s) for the GT?
by Richard230 Published on 08-07-15 09:12 AM
Bike Bandit has published a decent 10-minute-long video detailing the different types of brake fluid. I have been changing brake fluid ever since disc brakes were first introduced on production motorcycles and there were a few things that I learned by watching this video - such as what actually happens when you mix DOT 5 with DOT 5.1:

by Richard230 Published on 02-05-14 09:40 AM
Here is a link to an article (with video) published by Bike Bandit that will show you how to service and bleed your disc brake system:
by DWS Published on 12-29-13 05:24 PM
Here's a link with videos for changing the pads.
by savs1701 Published on 09-03-13 08:46 PM
Two weeks ago, completed the Tail of Dragon US 129 at Deals Gap and I admit, I was driving very carefully and over abused the rear bake (I know some of you will tell me that it was a very back technique, but since the road was still wet from morning rain, I just did not want to get into the wood, on top of that, my former dirt bike reflexes always kick-in in those situations…), Anyway, got back home, and wanted to check my rear brake pads. Try to remove the retaining pin with the good old...
by bigped Published on 03-01-12 04:40 PM
Hi there, test ran and bought a f800st 07 plate, very happy with bike, im coming from a TDM 900 so riding position a bit different, a set of risers and a peg lowering kit will sort that out. I found the brakes to be soft, a lot of travel, especially the rear break, they stop you ok but just dont feel right. My TDM brakes are brill,really sharp. when i mentioned this to the sales guy he got one of the machanics to nip up and down the street on it and said he found the brakes ok, i was told...
by Richard230 Published on 04-12-10 09:40 AM
While reading through my BMW F650/800-series service manual DVD, I noticed the following statement in the brake fluid changing instructions for the front brake reservoir: “Using disengagement tool (No. 32 1 511), press back the lugs on the reservoir and remove the reservoir cap”. It had not occurred to me that I would need a special “disengagement” tool to remove the cap of my front brake reservoir (fondly referred to as a bobble-head, by most F650/800GS owners). My dealer had to convert this...
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