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Hall of Wisdom

by Richard230 Published on 05-23-17 05:05 PM
And one more Bike Bandit battery tech article. I found this one reasonably informative:
by Richard230 Published on 04-16-17 04:01 PM
Here is an article published by Bike Bandit discussing various types of motorcycle spark plugs:
by Richard230 Published on 02-17-17 09:23 AM
Here is an interesting short article published by Bike Bandit that discusses what to look for if you think your battery is starting to fail and when it should be replaced: http://www.motorcycle.com/ask-mo-anything/when-will-my-motorcycle-battery-die.html
by Richard230 Published on 01-06-17 09:33 AM
Here is an article published by Motorcycle.com regarding splicing and soldering wires that you might find interesting and useful:

by Richard230 Published on 10-02-16 04:58 PM
Bike Bandit has published an article detailing the advantages and disadvantages of lithium batteries:
by 30thgsrider Published on 07-30-16 03:53 PM
Hi all.

My first ever question on f800riders.

I've just passed 40k on my gs and I'm still loving riding it.

Recently the OEM left hand heated grip split and is now open to the elements. I want to replace the grips for some better heated grips but I would like to remove the new on/off switch and rewire into the handle bar BMW switch.

The reason being is that I don't really want a big unsightly switch bolted to the handle bar and a redundant switch on the switch gear.
by Richard230 Published on 07-24-15 09:44 AM
Here is a link to a decent 10-minute-long overview of the different types of motorcycle batteries available on the market, their advantages and disadvantages. It is produced by Bike Bandit, an on-line motorcycle accessory company, but the few plugs for their company contained in the video don't really detract from the information. If you are interested in the pros and cons of different battery types, it is worth watching:

by DWS Published on 02-03-15 07:26 PM
Here are a couple of wiring diagrams, that were originally posted on advrider several years ago. I don't know what years they cover, but they may be of some use.
One is specific to the F650GS and F800GS, but could have some common elements to other models.
The other says for all models.
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