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by oldbritbiker Published on 03-08-15 10:03 AM
having come back from a sunday ride out, I stopped the bike got off to open the garage door, then went to start it and no start the bike cranked but wouldn't fire, I pushed the bike into the garage put battery on charge and went for a beer, next day started to investigate, soon discovered the fuel pump not running, so I by passed the fp controller, pump ran bike started.

left bike couple of months over winter, then took it to the garage for a new tyre, after tyre fitted bike wouldn't start.....
by boraaski Published on 05-22-13 11:11 AM
Recently, my 2007 F800 ST with 25,000 miles experienced a fuel pump failure. On one day, the bike worked perfectly. However the next day, it refused to start and made a strange, new, buzzy noise during the process. The noise was traced to the fuel tank and pump. Bypassing the fuel pump controller and powering the pump directly I was able to reproduce the buzzing noise. Interestingly, when I reversed the polarity and ran the pump backwards, it made the usual whirring noise. I suspect bad...
by Mokkybear Published on 08-29-12 05:36 AM
Some useful advice on how to bypass a faulty fuel pump controller here: http://www.hexcode.co.za/techinfo/electric-fuel-pump-controller
by Mokkybear Published on 09-30-10 07:46 AM
Rough idle and poor slow speed running can often be caused by a faulty idle air supply circuit.

With the throttle in the released/closed position, the throttle butterflies are fully closed and air supply to the engine is controlled by the idle actuator, which is sited at the base of the air box. Air is drawn from the air box, past the idle actuator valve, and into the throttle bodies just below the butterflies. If you turn the ignition on and, after the self test, turn it off again, you will....
by Mokkybear Published on 06-22-10 06:53 AM
When I was a kid, I used to attach a playing card to the frame of my pushbike, with its tip interfering with the spokes of the back wheel – as you pedaled, the card would flick the spokes and make a motor sound. I don’t think that stuff ever leaves you, and since buying my F800, I’ve wished it had a slightly more ‘muscular’ sound (after all, my last bike was a ’78 bevel-drive Ducati SS with Conti pipes).

I suspect those who fit aftermarket pipes feel the s...
by 10Cup Published on 12-29-08 10:14 AM
Canisterectomy - Pic's
I have about 575 miles on my 09 F800 GS now and today for the first time it started cutting out like it would run out of gas and then soon it would start back up and run again, never actually quite but I thought it might....filled it up when I got home and it took 2.8 gal so I know I had plenty of gas and my gage said approx 1/2 full, computer said another 90 miles.

Checked battery voltage too and had 13.8 volts so not a battery problem.

After reading Richards...
by kismetcapitan Published on 07-16-08 03:33 AM
For those seeking more power, or who want to change the air filter on their own, to start off with, here's an excellent guide from Pancho on how to get at the air system:

To do this first be familiar with:
HOW:remove fairings on F800ST

Tools needed:
Torx N25
Phillips screwdriver
Flat screwdriver

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