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Hall of Wisdom

by Richard230 Published on 08-14-16 08:56 AM
Bike Bandit has some suggestions and procedures for cleaning hazy and foggy plastic headlight lenses here:
by UKRider Published on 04-18-15 05:01 PM
At about 6,000 miles, my low beam main bulb burned out. I found out on the morning of a long trip, and since the running light was still working I decided I'd be legal to ride (but not to right at night, since the running light isn't very strong).

I researched bulb options, and I decided against any complicated HID installs. I liked the idea of a halogen upgrade, but I also read reports of these being more fragile and having shorter lifespans. In the end, I went for a H7 Phillips Xtreme...
by allweatherrider Published on 01-08-15 06:35 PM
Thought I should detail this mini-disaster and subsequent workaround in case this happens to any of my MOA club mates.
I was on my way to a local club meeting one Saturday this past October on my new F800GT. Turned on the ignition, the computer check did its pre-flight inside the instrument pod, and displayed an error message saying it had found a burnt headlight bulb. It turned out to be the heavily used low beam H7 bulb on the right side. We have -a lights on all the time- law in Quebec for....
by Offcamber Published on 02-21-13 09:15 AM
I think that amycyclenut posted up that she'd shortened the front signals on her F8R. So inspired, I set about doing the same thing. This is strictly a cosmetic mod. I'll concede that it's possible that your front conspicuity is reduced by the signals being closer to the centerline, but it's not like they're running lights (at least not as they're set up at the moment). I'd done this on my Buell by swapping the OE signals for LED rears that were narrower. On the BMW, it's a matter of...
by Mokkybear Published on 11-27-12 05:12 AM
Others on the forum have complained about the fiddly attachment clips on the headlight bulbs. I didnít think it was much of a problem until I didnít take sufficient care when changing a low beam bulb recently and managed to break off the tabs that locate the spring clip which holds the bulb. The low beam bulb is particularly hard to get to and you can either see it, or get your fingers in there, but not both. Hence it seems breaking the tabs is not uncommon for the uninitiated.

The high beam....
by bric-a-brac Published on 06-14-10 07:21 PM
Fitting fog lamps to the F800 S/ST: Circuit description

This describes the fitting of a pair of SW-Motech H4 55W fog lamps to a F800 ST. The fog lamps operate via an auxiliary lamp switch (sourced from the R1200 GS Adventure) and two relays. The dip beam is cancelled while the fog lamps are on. The systemís use is intended to be for times of poor visibility not to increase light output per se.

This circuit is just one way of connecting a pair of fog lights to the F800. It...
by marc-f Published on 12-04-09 12:25 PM
Here's a report on the HID conversion on my K1300R (F800R below).

I ordered the 1 Off Motorsport low beam conversion kit from Jose. it also includes the CAN-BUS decoder to prevent "bulb" error messages.


It takes between 30 and 45 minutes to install and is really easy.

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