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Hall of Wisdom

by blackie Published on 09-15-08 11:16 AM
A list of OEM BMW accessories for the GS Twins.

Applies to both the 650 and 800 GS Twin models except where indicated.

Stowage-equipment line

Description | Part #
Vario case, black, left |71 60 7 696 299
Vario case, black, right |71 60 7 696 300
by Bake Published on 08-29-08 12:22 AM
Sometimes I'm riding for a couple of hours out in the countryside after dark, and I wanted a bit more visibility to traffic. I selected the black 3M Solas sheets.

I made a pattern from cardboard, and double checked the fit so the tape would lay to the edge of the flat surface.

Clamping it down on the black Solas tape, I used the Exacto blade and a thick steel rule to cut the sheet to the pattern.
by blackie Published on 07-25-08 10:15 AM
I have the locking mounts for the Garmin GPS 60CSx. Both the RAM mount and TT mounts are lockable. Handy to prevent light fingered thieves from making off with them. Took me more time to decide where to place the mount than to to install, straightforward 2 min installation for the RAM mount bracket then its a matter of screwing on the arm. I haven’t connected the hardwire power cable yet. Will get around to it sometime :)
by avboden Published on 07-09-08 01:10 AM
Okay before pics.

First off, remove the license plate.

you'll need a socket torx set, or at least the 27 bit.

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