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Hall of Wisdom

by Richard230 Published on 04-30-17 04:55 PM
Yesterday I helped my son-in-law replace the front tire on his 100K+ mile 1986 Honda VFR700FII. I thought you might be interested in seeing his homemade front wheel stand. I thought it was kind of creative and a lot cheaper than buying any steel manufactured stand. I was impressed how well it worked. We got the wheel removed, the tire replaced and the wheel reinstalled without any drama. (He was using a universal rear wheel stand to support the rear of the bike.)
by Mokkybear Published on 04-02-14 08:51 PM
For those whose TPM sensors have stopped working due to age (flat battery), the following threads/links might be useful if you are prepared to have a go at replacing the batteries yourself:


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mpjz0cDjnK4 (Includes useful comments by N4HHE)

In summary, the batteries can be replaced by digging out the pot material that seals them in and...
by Pat H Published on 11-23-11 12:55 AM

Having discovered wear in the outer ball race bearing of the rear axle I ordered a used complete assembly for ú200 and the video shows the replacement job.
Run time is under 30mins and the job took about 35mins (I cut a few mins of looking for tools!)
by Geoff McAdam Published on 04-13-10 03:38 PM
The problem with the F800S/ST rear wheel axle (BMW call it a drive shaft) is that originally the metal that this was made from was not up to the job (it's too soft!). So what happens over time is that the wheel bearings themselves wear away the axle causing grooves. These grooves then allow movement in the whole assembly which then causes the weather seal to fail allowing in water etc etc. Rust then forms & eventually the rear wheel will seize completely.
BMW acknowledged this probl...
by olive Published on 08-29-09 06:40 PM
Emergency Tire Repair
There are two schools of thought on tire repair. One advises that you should never ever attempt to repair a tire, and you should never attempt to drive on a repair. (If you belong to this school of thought, why are you reading this tutorial?). The other acknowledges that a flat will not always happen when convenient, and it can be prudent to attempt a repair. Needless to say, those who sell tires will usually suggest the former, whereas realists will acknowledge the...
by olive Published on 08-27-09 03:08 PM
Tools Required
To remove the front wheel on a F800S/ST, you will require the following tools.

Torx Screwdrivers: T30, T45
22mm Axle Tool
(Any hexagonal bar that measures 22mm across the flats will work - I used a 22mm bolt. I screwed a larger nut onto it to provide a "stop" so that it did not slide all the way into the axle, and used a pair of locking vice grips on the threads to provide a handle. Worked very well and is portable.)
Tieback for Brake Calipers (i.e. Bunji C...
by EmmBeeDee Published on 06-04-09 09:27 AM
Standard tires: Bridgestone Battlewings

Front - 110/80 R19
Rear - 140/80 R17

Tire Alternatives for Dual Sport - Mostly Road Use:
Metzeler Tourances - they come in exact replacement sizes.
by twisticles Published on 07-28-08 10:05 AM
Wheel Specs:
Rim, front 2.15 x 21"
Rim, rear 4.25 x 17"
Tyres, front 90/90 - 21 54V
Tyres, rear 150/70 - 17 69V

BMW Recommended Tyres:

Road Bias:
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