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Hall of Wisdom

by Noel Published on 11-13-15 03:46 PM
I'm reposting this here because it's too good to be lost in another thread. I dropped my GT which caused these concrete-induced scuffs:

I prepped these scuffs w/ #2000 grit w/d paper (don't think this was necessary). Then used a quick wipe of a paper towel dampened w/ acetone which does react w/ this plastic (not sure if this was necessary). Then wiped w/ paper towel w/ isopropyl alcohol to clean the surrounding area with.

The magic came by applying just enough Krylon Fusion satin....
by pxc433 Published on 01-01-15 04:15 PM
I'm posting this because I was unable to find this information on the Internet.

I bought a BMW top box for my F800ST on ebay. Alas, I wasn't aware of the cracking issues and didn't notice all the hairline cracks in the bottom. I didn't become aware until the bottom part split down the side, rendering it useless.

I then bought a second box with a wrecked locking mechanism with the intention to fix the original (hoping that the base on this one was OK).

But it is not easy to disassemble....
by xxguitarist Published on 09-10-14 09:45 PM
Thought I'd share some info for anyone picking up a set of used F800GT panniers.

I got a great set from a member here, and did the rekeying myself, in about 2 hours. 1.5 on the first, 0.5 on the second.

It's crucial that you have the previous owner ship the bags unlocked, so that you can open them.

I don't suggest that you follow this, I suggest that you have BMW do it, if you decide to proceed, I'm not at fault

Remove weatherstripping and perimeter screws, then separate the...
by xxguitarist Published on 09-10-14 08:43 PM
Bolts right up!
I've seen one other person mention it, but other threads had confusion. I got a set from a member here, re-keyed them myself, and installed them this evening! Excuse the evening garage photo.
by Drake76 Published on 02-25-14 11:42 AM
Apparently as BMW is only 5% of the North American motorcycle market and the F800R is the red-haired stepchild of BMW; getting the sport panniers sorted out properly is not that straightforward.

For future reference for those looking to buy the sport panniers. Please check the stock codes prior to ordering as things might have changed after today (25Feb14).

Sports Case Left (Fits F800R 2009-13+ only)

Sports Case Right (Fits F800R/S/ST)
by Mokkybear Published on 11-08-10 03:54 AM
For my recent trip to the Phillip Island MotoGP, I wanted a tank bag to give quick access to my SLR camera, pocket camera and vidcam.

My requirement was for a small bag that didn't have magnetic flaps (useless on an F800 and therefore un-necessary bulk), but with a suitable strap attachment. On recommendation of another forum member, I looked at Nelson Rigg, and was impressed by both the recommendation and by the information on their web site. As well as being just the right size for me,...
by Rob Published on 08-21-10 06:48 PM
A few installation photos:

We decided to install the panniers with them leaning forward the exact same amount as the hoop of the mounting rack. Generally, you want to install them with a slight lean to the front so water runs off of them.

1.5" from the rolled portion of the pannier, centered between left and right, making sure the welded portion of the pannier is to the inside:

Put the mounting blocks in place. I'd suggest the long portion of the mount toward the long portion...
by EmmBeeDee Published on 01-16-09 12:31 PM
Stephanie's (Dresda) used F658 came with a complete set of Varios with their own keys, and she let me put the side boxes on my F800GS. One thing I was a little annoyed about with the Varios was that they had their own keys but I didn't want to have to carry yet another key so I went looking to see what my options were.

There was a thread on UKGSer which mentioned that you could modify the cylinders on Vario or other BMW luggage to make it work with your own ignition key so I tried it out...
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