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by drp2505 Published on 04-28-12 01:40 PM
Hi All,

I am considering (well, most likely will) purchasing a BMW F800ST. I recently test drove a standard seat height F800ST at my local dealer, and the seat height (standard seat/standard suspension) is definitely to tall for me. I could touch the ground on both sides while on the balls of my feet, but it did not make me fell comfortable (this is not my first bike, so I especially wouldn't feel secure with my wife on the back!). For some reference, I am 5'9", with a 29" inseam...
by bigped Published on 03-01-12 04:40 PM
Hi there, test ran and bought a f800st 07 plate, very happy with bike, im coming from a TDM 900 so riding position a bit different, a set of risers and a peg lowering kit will sort that out. I found the brakes to be soft, a lot of travel, especially the rear break, they stop you ok but just dont feel right. My TDM brakes are brill,really sharp. when i mentioned this to the sales guy he got one of the machanics to nip up and down the street on it and said he found the brakes ok, i was told...
by Pat H Published on 11-23-11 12:55 AM

Having discovered wear in the outer ball race bearing of the rear axle I ordered a used complete assembly for £200 and the video shows the replacement job.
Run time is under 30mins and the job took about 35mins (I cut a few mins of looking for tools!)
by bobmetzger51 Published on 11-06-11 01:56 PM
It took patience, and the help of the dealer to figure out what was NOT causing the 2007 F800ST to:

1) Hunt for idle, meaning at times the bike idle would surge as much as +/- 500 r.p.m.
2) Have the engine cut-out when downshifting below about 1500 r.p.m.

In my case, these two problems were related.

As it turns out the solution to both of the above issues was a faulty Idle Air Controller.
Part No. 13717676317 IDLE CONTROL DEVICE 0.25 1 $133.70
There is a worm gear inside the...
by shaun1 Published on 06-10-11 12:25 PM
Typical, just when my my ST runs out of warranty, the above gasket fails! I've decided to roll my sleeves up & do the work myself (my local dealer played me a while ago & I promised never to return again). Has anyone any practical tips on replacing this gasket? It looks straight forward enough but I would appreciate any guidance/tips/tricks of the trade.
by gonadz Published on 02-17-11 08:27 PM
Greetings one and all

I need to swap out the instrument panel on my 800S (long story, it was a patched up insurance job by the last owner but the instruments are off the wrong model F800 - according to the dealer, and can't be linked)

Looking over a few old threads I see a number of mentions of replacing the instrument panel, but little detail on whats involved.
So I thought I'd be best to start a new topic just to see who knows about the subject.

Do you need to purchase a new set,...
by Mokkybear Published on 11-08-10 03:54 AM
For my recent trip to the Phillip Island MotoGP, I wanted a tank bag to give quick access to my SLR camera, pocket camera and vidcam.

My requirement was for a small bag that didn't have magnetic flaps (useless on an F800 and therefore un-necessary bulk), but with a suitable strap attachment. On recommendation of another forum member, I looked at Nelson Rigg, and was impressed by both the recommendation and by the information on their web site. As well as being just the right size for me,...
by Mokkybear Published on 09-30-10 07:46 AM
Rough idle and poor slow speed running can often be caused by a faulty idle air supply circuit.

With the throttle in the released/closed position, the throttle butterflies are fully closed and air supply to the engine is controlled by the idle actuator, which is sited at the base of the air box. Air is drawn from the air box, past the idle actuator valve, and into the throttle bodies just below the butterflies. If you turn the ignition on and, after the self test, turn it off again, you will....
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