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by Richard230 Published on 01-22-16 09:10 AM
Here is a link to a useful article published by BikeBandit explaining how to clean and care for your helmet:

by Richard230 Published on 01-15-16 09:44 AM
Here is an article published by Bike Bandit discussing bolt and nut locking methods. Most of the interesting information is included in the video attached to the article from a company that makes a locking washer system called Nord-Lock, which seems like a pretty good product but probably overkill for motorcycle use.

by Richard230 Published on 12-07-15 05:12 PM
Here is link to a fairly comprehensive article describing how to replace the chain and sprockets on a typical motorcycle:

by bric-a-brac Published on 11-19-15 12:49 PM

Just replaced the belt and shock absorber (cush drive) rubbers at 41k miles. Here are a few things to note:

* read this first http://f800riders.org/forum/showthread.php/36179-DIY-belt-replacement
* you will need a 42mm socket and a torque wrench that can tighten to 160 Nm
* also need thread lock and optimoly grease or equivalent for spline lube.
* belt is 27727719371 or (~1/3 price) Continental Contitech CT1158 - see link...
by Noel Published on 11-13-15 03:46 PM
I'm reposting this here because it's too good to be lost in another thread. I dropped my GT which caused these concrete-induced scuffs:

I prepped these scuffs w/ #2000 grit w/d paper (don't think this was necessary). Then used a quick wipe of a paper towel dampened w/ acetone which does react w/ this plastic (not sure if this was necessary). Then wiped w/ paper towel w/ isopropyl alcohol to clean the surrounding area with.

The magic came by applying just enough Krylon Fusion satin....
by Joj Published on 11-09-15 08:30 AM
This is an adaptation of the original french thread talking about an electronic device called AF-XiED module which greatly improves BMW engines, especially F800 twins..

PART I : How does it work ?

The best way to introduce the XiED is certainly to quote the "father" of this project, alias Roger 04 RT :

The air/fuel ratio (acronym AFR) in a BMW fuel injection engine is calculated by an embedded computer called ECU (for "engine control unit", alias Motronic or BM...
by Noel Published on 08-16-15 05:15 PM
I agree the wording is not ideal but but still includes both people that have had a drive belt failure and those who haven't, and both bits of data matter to the ultimate question of what to expect in the way of service life on the drive belt, thought the accuracy is skewed since those who check 15K miles and still riding may ultimately end up at 40K miles before the belt goes.
by Richard230 Published on 08-07-15 09:12 AM
Bike Bandit has published a decent 10-minute-long video detailing the different types of brake fluid. I have been changing brake fluid ever since disc brakes were first introduced on production motorcycles and there were a few things that I learned by watching this video - such as what actually happens when you mix DOT 5 with DOT 5.1:



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