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by Richard230 Published on 07-24-15 09:44 AM
Here is a link to a decent 10-minute-long overview of the different types of motorcycle batteries available on the market, their advantages and disadvantages. It is produced by Bike Bandit, an on-line motorcycle accessory company, but the few plugs for their company contained in the video don't really detract from the information. If you are interested in the pros and cons of different battery types, it is worth watching:

by UKRider Published on 04-18-15 05:01 PM
At about 6,000 miles, my low beam main bulb burned out. I found out on the morning of a long trip, and since the running light was still working I decided I'd be legal to ride (but not to right at night, since the running light isn't very strong).

I researched bulb options, and I decided against any complicated HID installs. I liked the idea of a halogen upgrade, but I also read reports of these being more fragile and having shorter lifespans. In the end, I went for a H7 Phillips Xtreme...
by oldbritbiker Published on 03-08-15 10:03 AM
having come back from a sunday ride out, I stopped the bike got off to open the garage door, then went to start it and no start the bike cranked but wouldn't fire, I pushed the bike into the garage put battery on charge and went for a beer, next day started to investigate, soon discovered the fuel pump not running, so I by passed the fp controller, pump ran bike started.

left bike couple of months over winter, then took it to the garage for a new tyre, after tyre fitted bike wouldn't start.....
by rideiteverywhere Published on 02-06-15 02:53 PM
After extensive multi-trips to local dealer to fix a stop-running issue with my 2009 F800GS (in the end, turned out to be a bad coil wire), the thing would only start in neutral (never mind kickstand issues, kill-switch issues, etc). There'd never been such a problem before, but service tech was pretty sure it was a bad clutch safety switch. So I went to work on it, and basically here's how it all worked out, successfully.
1. Remove the two T25 torx-drive bolts that hold the mirror and clutch.....
by DWS Published on 02-03-15 07:26 PM
Here are a couple of wiring diagrams, that were originally posted on advrider several years ago. I don't know what years they cover, but they may be of some use.
One is specific to the F650GS and F800GS, but could have some common elements to other models.
The other says for all models.
by allweatherrider Published on 01-08-15 06:35 PM
Thought I should detail this mini-disaster and subsequent workaround in case this happens to any of my MOA club mates.
I was on my way to a local club meeting one Saturday this past October on my new F800GT. Turned on the ignition, the computer check did its pre-flight inside the instrument pod, and displayed an error message saying it had found a burnt headlight bulb. It turned out to be the heavily used low beam H7 bulb on the right side. We have -a lights on all the time- law in Quebec for....
by pxc433 Published on 01-01-15 04:15 PM
I'm posting this because I was unable to find this information on the Internet.

I bought a BMW top box for my F800ST on ebay. Alas, I wasn't aware of the cracking issues and didn't notice all the hairline cracks in the bottom. I didn't become aware until the bottom part split down the side, rendering it useless.

I then bought a second box with a wrecked locking mechanism with the intention to fix the original (hoping that the base on this one was OK).

But it is not easy to disassemble....
by xxguitarist Published on 09-10-14 09:45 PM
Thought I'd share some info for anyone picking up a set of used F800GT panniers.

I got a great set from a member here, and did the rekeying myself, in about 2 hours. 1.5 on the first, 0.5 on the second.

It's crucial that you have the previous owner ship the bags unlocked, so that you can open them.

I don't suggest that you follow this, I suggest that you have BMW do it, if you decide to proceed, I'm not at fault

Remove weatherstripping and perimeter screws, then separate the...
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