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by Petro Published on 07-20-07 01:17 AM
I should start by saying I’m no mechanic.

Changing the oil a few months ago on the F800ST was the first oil change of my life on anything. Needless to say, I sought and took some advice before I started.

So apologies to the mechanics.

My only foray into oil changing will likely be at the mid-point between 10,000kms services. The good advice seems to be to “drop” the oil at this stage. Part of the 10,000kms services, of course, will be oil and filter change – so the mid-point “drop”.....
by Rob Published on 07-19-07 08:35 PM
Something that has been on the agenda for a while has been the creation of an 'F800 FAQ' similar to what has been in place for quite a while now in the F650 Community:

See: http://faq.f650.com/main.html

We definately have the tools, and we're getting to a point as to where we have enough people on here to help. (118 online at the same time no so long ago!) It's time that we get this project started.

Step One: What do we want? (we are here)
The first thing we want to do is really...
by Geir Published on 07-19-07 06:22 PM
Feel we have learn a lot about bike the last 6mnd ,would it be possible to get something like an How to fix this and that problems\installing new equipment\minor\major overhaul\self service the bike,kind of database in place.
Would be good with instructive pictures too,I have personally used the Chaingang database a lot when I had the 650GS,It is very good an explains things very clearly.
by de100kb Published on 06-08-07 01:01 PM
Made some nice pictures at Kasteel Huis Ruurlo of my cleaned bike I'd like to share.
by Pat H Published on 01-28-07 05:40 PM
Don't read if your not a geek and interested in the very inards of you bikes brain.

Some of you will know my quest to discover the true status of software updates (or not on the F800 series) in an effort to possible improve my low RPM performance.

Anyway being in the computer field and having a lot of experience with modern integrated "black box" system I figured there would likely be an easy way for dealers and support staff to discover details of the bikes programming without h...
by Dunny Published on 09-15-06 10:34 AM
I've got a fair amount of free play on the throttle at idle. How do you go about adjusting this out.

There are two adjuster wheels on the throttle twist grip. One directly underneath and another about an inch or so down. Had a play with these with little success.

by Rob Published on 09-15-06 03:48 AM
This post is the official guide to the F800Riders.org F800 Hall of Wisdom in a question and answer form. Let start:

Q: What's the deal with this? Why is it here?
A: This was created to be a primary source of community generated information for the F800 Series of motorcycles. There wasn't one (besides combing through the forums) so we figured there was a need, and we whipped it together.

Q: There isn't anything in it. WTF?
A: Well, duh! It is (and proabably will be for a while)...
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