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by xxguitarist Published on 09-10-14 08:43 PM
Bolts right up!
I've seen one other person mention it, but other threads had confusion. I got a set from a member here, re-keyed them myself, and installed them this evening! Excuse the evening garage photo.
by borzech Published on 07-12-14 11:02 PM
<edit by de100kb>
The procedure provided by the contributors to this thread is extremely dangerous unless you know exactly what you are doing. Please do not attempt to use this as a guideline for an experiment, you can end up with a useless motorcycle in need of very expensive repair.

I don't know, maybe anyone have better experience than me with this task. That's the other reason why I don't play with photoshop

I'm looking for alternative for GS-911. Something, wh...
by steve n rose Published on 06-08-14 04:27 PM
I've been doing a bit of fiddling with the ST to try and stop a bit of the wind chill on the gloves. It started off with a bit of stiff clear plastic, namely a box from around venetian blinds(high tech, this project), some wire(for stiffening) and some gaffer tape. What I was looking at was fairing a bit of the gap between the fairing and the windscreen. I had to take into consideration looks, clearance from levers at full lock and effectiveness.
Once I had a shape I was happy with I tried it....
by Strelok89 Published on 04-25-14 07:17 AM
today i rebuilded 3 F800ST(2007) steering dumpers
i used motorex 10W fork oil
every steering damper needs 16CC of oil.

my english is not good enough to post full job review, so i will put pictures and will try my best to explain if some one don't understand anything

by Mokkybear Published on 04-02-14 08:51 PM
For those whose TPM sensors have stopped working due to age (flat battery), the following threads/links might be useful if you are prepared to have a go at replacing the batteries yourself:


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mpjz0cDjnK4 (Includes useful comments by N4HHE)

In summary, the batteries can be replaced by digging out the pot material that seals them in and...
by Brickhead Published on 03-15-14 01:50 PM
To prevent damage to the fork seals, it's generally considered a good idea to keep bugs and flying stones off the inner stanchions at speed, or at least off the area over which the seals travel the most. The classic and most effective solution would be a pair of fork gaiters, either home-made or manufactured to fit the fork.

The other common solution is to fit plastic tabs in front of the stanchions next to the seals, commonly called fork protectors or -deflectors.

I first installed a...
by Tommo Published on 03-13-14 07:48 AM
Hi Everypeeps, because I am such a lovely bloke I registered purely to maybe bring a little light into your miserable existance. I have F800s with 23k on the clock so thought I would hunt around for this overpriced rubber band that drives the thing and found it using the Contitech number CT1158 for (sound of trumpets ? Drumroll ?) Brand new inna box (so to spek). £140.85 PLUS £8.95 P+P ! I have not recieved it yet but it has 173 teeth and 34mm wide so I have either just wasted £140 or I am...
by de100kb Published on 02-25-14 03:44 PM
A quote from another thread which should be in the HoW

The original thread:

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