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by Drake76 Published on 02-25-14 11:42 AM
Apparently as BMW is only 5% of the North American motorcycle market and the F800R is the red-haired stepchild of BMW; getting the sport panniers sorted out properly is not that straightforward.

For future reference for those looking to buy the sport panniers. Please check the stock codes prior to ordering as things might have changed after today (25Feb14).

Sports Case Left (Fits F800R 2009-13+ only)

Sports Case Right (Fits F800R/S/ST)
by Neiljohn Published on 02-06-14 10:40 AM
The current BMW ignition switch, for F, R, K and S bikes is vulnerable to water ingress failures, short circuiting leaving the ignition on. Having investigated the inside of the BMW 'box' I found a modified micro switch, with no additional sealing to stop water getting under it and shorting the switch.

What follows is the rebuilding, taking it apart needs a good knife and a Dremel to clear the old switch connectors.

http://www.flickr.com/photos/nieljohn/12361315485/ Viewed from the TOP,...
by Lawrence of Suburbia Published on 02-06-14 03:34 AM
A further minor enhancement to the GT this evening, as I have now fitted a radiator guard to the bike. Cut to size from heavy-duty stainless steel mesh it should stop not only rocks and stones but Exocet missiles too!

The corners of the 330mm x 180mm piece of mesh were snipped off so as to make fitting easier. It was then fitted simply by bowing the piece outwards slightly (making it convex) as it was offered up to the rad, which then allowed it to ‘spring’ back into its flat ...
by Richard230 Published on 02-05-14 09:40 AM
Here is a link to an article (with video) published by Bike Bandit that will show you how to service and bleed your disc brake system:

by Richard230 Published on 02-05-14 09:37 AM
Here is a link to an article published by Bike Bandit describing various basic tools that you might want in your garage if you service your motorcycle:

by Mokkybear Published on 01-28-14 04:57 AM
I recently fitted some Ricor Intiminators to the ST. I’ve not been unhappy with the front end but others on the forum who have them fitted swear by them so I thought I’d give them a go seeing as they have recently come down in price (A$234 delivered). http://store.ricorshocks.com/

They slot in under the spring and you replace the 10W oil with 5W so that the effect of the stock damping valves is greatly diminished and the new valves dominate. The insert is claimed to have an inerti...
by Mokkybear Published on 01-08-14 05:21 AM
If your bike has some distance up, the grips might be showing some wear. Rather than replace the whole grip including heating element, at a rather exorbitant price (of course), there is an alternative.

Ariete make a replacement rubber grip - but you need to carefully remove the old grip without damaging the heating element in order to fit it.

The only source I have been able to is ProCycles in St Peters, Sydney NSW.
by DWS Published on 12-29-13 05:24 PM
Here's a link with videos for changing the pads.
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