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by Mokkybear Published on 12-11-13 05:21 AM
I need to replace the steering head bearings on the ST and conventional wisdom if you search enough posts is that it is bearing No 30205, available from any bearing supplier (suits S, ST, R and GT).

Stick to recognised brands rather than cheapies - they're not that expensive, and much cheaper than buying from the BMW parts counter.

Dimensions 52 x 25 x 16.25, and of course you need two sets of bearings (with cups).

Unless you don't damage the bottom cover plate (large thin washer with.....
by Mokkybear Published on 11-29-13 04:50 PM
Just a bit of info on the final drive:

The F800 belt is a Conti Synchroforce Extreme.

Part numbers for the S/ST and GT are different due to the longer swing-arm on the latter:
S/ST: 27 72 7 719 371
GT: 33 83 8 521 719

Part numbers for the pulleys are identical between S/ST and GT.
by Pat H Published on 11-15-13 02:01 PM
Last one burnt out at 35000 miles and I replaced with a low mileage used one.

About a month ago I noticed my battery voltage monitor LED (fitted when the last stator played up) starting to show lower voltage while running but with everything working as normal I assumed the LED was playing up.
Wednesday the bike struggled to start and the voltage LED showed dim red and then started to flash to indicate lower than 11V
unplugged the headlamp connector to take some load of and made it to...
by DWS Published on 11-09-13 04:45 AM
Link to Recall thread.
by ooohooohoooh Published on 10-26-13 10:24 AM
Gentlemen, I did it, fitted the R1200R bars on my F800ST (NO-ABS!!!!!!!!)

All done, adding some pics, and instructions

- ebay or whatever: BMW R 1150 R 2001-2005 Lenker (Steer) 201009699 (390474259187) - 79GBP
- motorworks : total bill ~10gbp
HAT13766 End weight 850/1100/1150 R/GS/RT 2
HAA51511 Hbar end weight M8x30 csk 2
by EmanP Published on 09-28-13 08:30 PM
I bought a brand new 2012 F800R in February of 2012 which just so happened to coincide with my birthday. Oh happy day. Before that I hadn't ridden a bike for over 10 years. I was looking for something with a little pep that could do a bit of everything and remain comfortable and I have to say, it was perfect. There was nothing that it was really good at, but it did everything reasonably well. The worst part about it was the price for German engineering and all associated costs. A week before a.....
by savs1701 Published on 09-03-13 08:46 PM
Two weeks ago, completed the Tail of Dragon US 129 at Deals Gap and I admit, I was driving very carefully and over abused the rear bake (I know some of you will tell me that it was a very back technique, but since the road was still wet from morning rain, I just did not want to get into the wood, on top of that, my former dirt bike reflexes always kick-in in those situations…), Anyway, got back home, and wanted to check my rear brake pads. Try to remove the retaining pin with the good old...
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