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by bric-a-brac Published on 07-20-13 04:35 PM
Having just rebuilt my forks because the seals were leaking (third time in 24k) and using a thin strip of shaped plastic (like Sealmate) was no longer effective, I decided to make some dust shields. I could have gone for gaiters during the reassembly but didn't like the 'strong' look; instead I made some out of 1mm thick clear HIPS (high impact polystyrene). I tried various designs and fixing methods and settled on a single 4mm clamp screw/nut as this is neat, doesn't foul the brake lines and....
by Pat H Published on 07-09-13 09:18 AM

Noticed 2 teeth missing on my belt today so swapped it with my spare.

The bikes now on 81,900 miles
First belt changed around 36K miles with £80 used one
Next belt change done at 56K miles again with a used one for £80 the original belt kept as spare.
That spare belt re-fitted to replace lost teeth belt.
by Kelsow Published on 06-26-13 10:34 AM
So my water pump started leaking out of the weep hole.
With all the research I could find, most people either had it fixed under warranty or chose not to do anything till it got worse.

I couldn't find any info on how to fix this so I decided to try myself.

I always start with a before photo for reference.

I started by taking off the hoses,
by Mokkybear Published on 06-06-13 04:59 AM
The only tricky part to changing the fork oil on the S/ST is getting the circlips out. The Haynes manual instruction says something like "depress the cap and remove the circlip" - yeah, right.

I found the easiest way is to use a flat bladed screwdriver to both lever the cap down and at the same time stop the circlip from turning. Then use a sharpened tool to get under the circlip.

Once you have the circlip out, grind a taper from the outside to make it easier to get a tool unde...
by Pete99 Published on 06-03-13 05:32 AM
BMW DVD-ROM: "If the coil spring in inserted the wrong way round, it will damage the sliding surface in the fixed tube when the fork is compressed.
Install the spring with the taper-wound end down."

The attached photos try to show what is meant by taper wound spring ends.
The first few coils of a spring are wound with a diametrally increasing taper as can be seen by the jaws of the caliper. The other end of the spring might or not be taper wound as required. In this case the othe...
by ncarota Published on 05-27-13 12:42 AM
HI Guys,

Just purchased a 2010 F800ST last weekend. Love the bike. Just did the cascades loop this weekend and can't believe how nimble she is. I bought it used and unfortunately for me it came with a factory lowering kit on it. This is an issue as I'm 6'5 260lbs. I've managed to snag a regular seat from ebay, and that helps a bit, but I'm more concerned with the suspension not having enough travel for a big guy like me. So if possible could you guys clarify a few things for me? I'm actually....
by boraaski Published on 05-22-13 11:11 AM
Recently, my 2007 F800 ST with 25,000 miles experienced a fuel pump failure. On one day, the bike worked perfectly. However the next day, it refused to start and made a strange, new, buzzy noise during the process. The noise was traced to the fuel tank and pump. Bypassing the fuel pump controller and powering the pump directly I was able to reproduce the buzzing noise. Interestingly, when I reversed the polarity and ran the pump backwards, it made the usual whirring noise. I suspect bad...
by kgpowder Published on 04-12-13 02:54 PM
So I leave the house on the ST this morning and within 100 metres I hear a massive clunk noise which shudders the entire bike. The noise continues every few seconds and the power seems to decrease and then come back. I wheel the bike back. The garage collects and tells me that 70% of the teeth on the belt have disintegrated. The belt was replaced last June during the bikes 25k service. It was also serviced 3 weeks ago. This ever happen to anyone? I was lucky as my commute includes the motorway.
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