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by johnbyrdgates Published on 03-04-13 11:39 AM
Anyone else have a 2013 f800gs with a right side footpeg that is bent forward approximately 15 degrees when looking down from the saddle? My bike is brand new and I have never dumped it. I noticed this when I put larger footpegs on and suspected the new peg was wrong, but it is at the exact same angle as the original. I put the original back on and it is also kanted forward. The original peg is just so small that I hadn't noticed.
by Offcamber Published on 02-21-13 09:15 AM
I think that amycyclenut posted up that she'd shortened the front signals on her F8R. So inspired, I set about doing the same thing. This is strictly a cosmetic mod. I'll concede that it's possible that your front conspicuity is reduced by the signals being closer to the centerline, but it's not like they're running lights (at least not as they're set up at the moment). I'd done this on my Buell by swapping the OE signals for LED rears that were narrower. On the BMW, it's a matter of...
by Dano Published on 02-09-13 06:42 AM
This is link from ADV site and is on a 1200 but should be very close for ours.
by Mokkybear Published on 12-15-12 12:25 AM
Owners handbooks in pdf format are available from here:

by Mokkybear Published on 11-27-12 05:12 AM
Others on the forum have complained about the fiddly attachment clips on the headlight bulbs. I didnít think it was much of a problem until I didnít take sufficient care when changing a low beam bulb recently and managed to break off the tabs that locate the spring clip which holds the bulb. The low beam bulb is particularly hard to get to and you can either see it, or get your fingers in there, but not both. Hence it seems breaking the tabs is not uncommon for the uninitiated.

The high beam....
by Mokkybear Published on 08-29-12 05:36 AM
Some useful advice on how to bypass a faulty fuel pump controller here: http://www.hexcode.co.za/techinfo/electric-fuel-pump-controller
by LBS Published on 07-29-12 01:40 AM
I have always wanted to have a source of easy access air for flat tire repairs. It's simple enough to carry a little generic 12v airpump in a saddlebag, tailbag or tankbag, but sometimes I want to just jump on the ST and take off for a ride without hauling out and installing all that crap, y'know?

Sure, I could just tuck away a few CO2 cartridges (I actually do have a bunch of those squirrelled away for a backup "plan B" if a pump goes AWOL or something) but to be honest, I don't ca...
by Dano Published on 06-29-12 02:07 PM
Riding home from work 2 weeks ago i was coming up to a stop and the back felt like it was a castor wheel back there. Did this a few time but seemed fine riding at speed. Got home put it on the hoist table and sure enough back wheel was loose. Ordered bearings and seal from dealer and then went on vacation got back. Had it apart in about and hour to find that the bearing was not really the culprit but the inner race had spun and wore the drive shaft down. Over to the dealer to pick up first...
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