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by borzech Published on 07-12-14 11:02 PM
<edit by de100kb>
The procedure provided by the contributors to this thread is extremely dangerous unless you know exactly what you are doing. Please do not attempt to use this as a guideline for an experiment, you can end up with a useless motorcycle in need of very expensive repair.

I don't know, maybe anyone have better experience than me with this task. That's the other reason why I don't play with photoshop

I'm looking for alternative for GS-911. Something, wh...
by Streety Published on 01-06-08 02:28 PM
I am pants at cornering, and I want to learn how to do it like Rossi.

I am not that keen at getting my knee down as I have a large scab on my left one when I fell over laying the patio 3 weeks ago.

The problem is I am scared at leaning the bike too much. I am even more scared of crashing and hurting myself and damaging my bike in the process of learning.

Does anyone have any “sensible” tips to overcome this fear?

I think my positioning is OK. Someone told me to push on the peg you.....
by danham Published on 08-27-09 04:34 PM
I could swear that I found a link in this forum to a very nice chart (pdf maybe?) which shows how many clicks to the right from full counter-clockwise you should turn the preload adjuster for what rider/passenger weight.

I did write down some that would be useful to me, such as 14 clicks for 220 lbs and 21 for 331, but now I need to give a ride to a friend who is a large guy. Our combined weight will be 400 lbs. Trying to extrapolate I get 25 clicks, but it would be nice to go back and...
by SKID Published on 02-24-08 02:50 PM
For those who haven't met me I own and ride a blue F800ST and after 9,000 miles I'm looking to get my rear tyre changed and just wondered how far other people have managed to get a tyre to last.

I've been quite fortunate with this tyre and have had a screw embedded in the tyre but luckily it hadn't punctured it.

My previous bike had several punctures so I hadn't ever done as many miles on the one tyre.

The wear markers are still a way off but I'm starting to get paranoid after having...
by livewire Published on 05-12-10 02:46 PM
Edit by de100kb: moved this thread to the HoW for future reference. Jump to posting no 50 and on for the real info thanks to Dunny.

End of edit de100kb

Hi Folks

Just wondered if anyone can shed some light on this for me.
Just turning into the car park at work this morning when I noticed that the red oil light flickered on and off a couple of times (F 800 S 07 reg 23,000 on the clock) . Stopped on the car park with the engine running and it did it again very briefly also noticed that....
by 800STDUDE Published on 04-16-08 04:34 PM
Hello, I was wondering if anybody has installed the Givi V35 bags on the 800ST, using the PLX687 side case brackets. If so, do you have any words of advice or pictures to share that would make my installation easy? I heard it is quite difficult compared to installing on the F800S..
Mike from Ontario, Canada
by Pat H Published on 01-28-07 05:40 PM
Don't read if your not a geek and interested in the very inards of you bikes brain.

Some of you will know my quest to discover the true status of software updates (or not on the F800 series) in an effort to possible improve my low RPM performance.

Anyway being in the computer field and having a lot of experience with modern integrated "black box" system I figured there would likely be an easy way for dealers and support staff to discover details of the bikes programming without h...
by Thorvald Published on 07-07-09 04:25 PM
Well now that I have some spare time on my hands, I'm considering doing a write on installing the Audiovox CCS 100 Cruise Control on my F800ST.

Been reading alot around the net about this little fellow and it's a nice unit, small control, easy to adapt and more importantly, easily to REMOVE should it be required lol.

Some people have already done some work regarding this so I'm just going to note some items I have to work around:

1. Speed sensor can come from the GPS plug built...
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