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by borzech Published on 07-12-14 11:02 PM
<edit by de100kb>
The procedure provided by the contributors to this thread is extremely dangerous unless you know exactly what you are doing. Please do not attempt to use this as a guideline for an experiment, you can end up with a useless motorcycle in need of very expensive repair.

I don't know, maybe anyone have better experience than me with this task. That's the other reason why I don't play with photoshop

I'm looking for alternative for GS-911. Something, wh...
by twisticles Published on 08-06-08 06:21 AM
To connect your Zumo or any other electrical device requiring a switched power supply, you can tap into the CAN-Bus connector on the 'tank'.

To get under the fake tank, you need to remove the seat and six torx bolts. Four on the top tank panel, and two either side of the headstock, mounted in the black plastic that forms part of the ignition/socket assembly:

The tank panel now lifts straight off but be careful of the power socket wiring underneath:
by Streety Published on 01-06-08 02:28 PM
I am pants at cornering, and I want to learn how to do it like Rossi.

I am not that keen at getting my knee down as I have a large scab on my left one when I fell over laying the patio 3 weeks ago.

The problem is I am scared at leaning the bike too much. I am even more scared of crashing and hurting myself and damaging my bike in the process of learning.

Does anyone have any “sensible” tips to overcome this fear?

I think my positioning is OK. Someone told me to push on the peg you.....
by de100kb Published on 06-08-07 01:01 PM
Made some nice pictures at Kasteel Huis Ruurlo of my cleaned bike I'd like to share.
by twisticles Published on 07-28-08 10:05 AM
Wheel Specs:
Rim, front 2.15 x 21"
Rim, rear 4.25 x 17"
Tyres, front 90/90 - 21 54V
Tyres, rear 150/70 - 17 69V

BMW Recommended Tyres:

Road Bias:
by Pancho Published on 07-20-07 10:19 PM
To do this first be familiar with:
HOW:remove fairings on F800ST

Tools needed:
Torx N25
Phillips screwdriver
Flat screwdriver

After removing false gas tank, and upper fairing (you don't need to remove lower fairing) you will see the air box and air box intake:
by 800STDUDE Published on 04-16-08 04:34 PM
Hello, I was wondering if anybody has installed the Givi V35 bags on the 800ST, using the PLX687 side case brackets. If so, do you have any words of advice or pictures to share that would make my installation easy? I heard it is quite difficult compared to installing on the F800S..
Mike from Ontario, Canada
by MD1 Published on 08-15-07 11:30 AM
Far too much sensible stuff appearing here. I'm just a rebel waiting for menopause, so for your amusement...
Disclaimer - the writer takes no responsibilty for your irresponsibility
I also make no claims to be an expect by any stretch of the imagination and this is my personal take on the subject. I find it easy to wheelie a powerful 4 cylinder (who wouldn't?), so this post is about my technique for the F800 twin.

To me there are two camps for wheeliers; 1. power or 2. balanced.
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