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by Pat H Published on 11-15-13 02:01 PM
Last one burnt out at 35000 miles and I replaced with a low mileage used one.

About a month ago I noticed my battery voltage monitor LED (fitted when the last stator played up) starting to show lower voltage while running but with everything working as normal I assumed the LED was playing up.
Wednesday the bike struggled to start and the voltage LED showed dim red and then started to flash to indicate lower than 11V
unplugged the headlamp connector to take some load of and made it to...
by Pat H Published on 07-09-13 09:18 AM

Noticed 2 teeth missing on my belt today so swapped it with my spare.

The bikes now on 81,900 miles
First belt changed around 36K miles with £80 used one
Next belt change done at 56K miles again with a used one for £80 the original belt kept as spare.
That spare belt re-fitted to replace lost teeth belt.
by Pat H Published on 11-23-11 12:55 AM

Having discovered wear in the outer ball race bearing of the rear axle I ordered a used complete assembly for £200 and the video shows the replacement job.
Run time is under 30mins and the job took about 35mins (I cut a few mins of looking for tools!)
by Pat H Published on 01-19-10 04:38 PM
Well my belt gave way on the way home tonight. Just shy of 39,000 Miles.
It had a slight tear on one side I'd noticed a few days ago and that seemed to be holding then just went.
I've had a used belt sitting on the shelf for over a year so just a case or replacing it.

So here's the pictures and procedure:

The bike safe home with it's belt missing:
by Pat H Published on 01-27-09 02:16 AM
A number of riders have had rear pillion footpegs replaced under warranty for a fault that develops that causes the footpeg tojust work loose and fail to stay in the upright position.
The quick fix is an elastic band to retain it.
However even the dealer replacement is only a short term solution.
The ball and spring used inside the peg to cause the foot-peg to latch up or down are prone to rust (yes stainless that rusts!) and this causes the ball bearing to sieze in it's blind hole.
by Pat H Published on 01-11-09 01:13 PM
Posted here as the HOW entry has a problem with the images.

Having suffered the sudden unexpected failure of the BMW stock battery on my 2006 F800S, leaving me stranded. I was saved by the loan of a much lower capacity BS-7AH battery. This battery is half the capacity of the stock battery but it started and ran my bike for 3 days without any issue. Clearly with it's lower capacity, leaving the bike unused will drain it quicker, but it's worth knowing a smaller capacity battery would serve...
by Pat H Published on 08-04-08 12:06 PM
Having got my rear visibility improved with my Hyper-lite install:

I wanted a solution for better front visibility. I've been waiting on a suitable Aux light solution but not seen exactly what I wanted. So I decided to go for a HID low beam replacement.

I wanted a UK supplier to save shipping cost and time and the dreaded import duty.
And some searching around turned up this nice product.
by Pat H Published on 06-25-08 11:16 AM
There's been a lot of discussion about correct suspension set up particularly if you have ABS as an option and some really useful posts on how to setup the rear suspension depending upon the riders weight and luggage.
However there are still posts indicating confusion for some on the damping adjustment.

I thought it may be useful to explain exactly why we need damping and why it's setting is so important.
I'm no suspension expert and this post is just my understanding of the physics...
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