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    When will your battery die?

    1 Comments by Richard230 Published on 02-17-17 09:23 AM
    Here is an interesting short article published by Bike Bandit that discusses what to look for if you think your battery is starting to fail and when it should be replaced: http://www.motorcycle.com/ask-mo-any...ttery-die.html
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    My CBF1000 battery (hardly up to the job even when new!) was still OK after 40,000 miles and 7 years. Admittedly if I left it for a month in winter I topped it up as if the bike didn't start (twice in 7 years) it flooded and needed jump leads to my car to start. My son inherited my bike (I thought he was going to buy it but it looks as if he has already started to get his inheritance...) and decided to take off most of what I had added and treat it to a new battery, which he assures me turns the engine over more quickly, but I can't hear any difference!


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