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    This normally seems to happen earlier in the year. The queens (Garage Queens) come out like a bug hatch on a lake. But yesterday, Easter Sunday, the conditions were perfect for the hatch. Temperatures reached into the 50's about the time the queens came out of their cocoons, with the promise of temps to reach the 60's. And not a drop of rain in the forecast. (A forecast with even the hint of a mist is enough for the queens to stay inside.)

    I left church with the temps at about that 60F mark and decided to take a much longer way home. I set the GPS to the "Old Duvall Water Tank Site" and set the route to "Curvy Roads" just to see what it would do. The curvy roads function did work...sort of. But the GPS got me to the Old Duvall Water Tank Site...only to find that was all it was. Just the old site. Nothing there but an empty field. But it was a good excuse for a ride.

    I headed home, again using the Curvy Roads function. It wanted to route me on some roads with stop lights. I knew where I wanted to go, so set off on the W Snoqualmie Valley Rd which leads into High Bridge Road and others. It's a beautiful motorcycle friendly road. Curvy. A few hills. Nice views of the farms in the valley. Some water. The Cascades. And no shoulders. That last allows you to go with the flow of the ride without worrying about anyone handing you a "performance award".

    Click image for larger version. 

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    A couple pics from my Sena 10C.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    The queen bug hatch is sort of fun. I did get a kick out of seeing three guys on the bridge getting a picture of themselves as motorcycle dudes.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    But this is the part that scares me. Note the group coming. Leader has his eyes focused dead ahead. I don't exist. I wave, but no response.

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    Okay...I don't ride a Harley, so I'm used to it. But watch what follows...

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    What's going on??? The rider isn't passing the other...he's just out in my lane!

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    And as he barely gets onto the center stripes and passes me...he doesn't even look to make sure he misses me!!!
    Click image for larger version. 

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    This is scary!! That was taking the bit about me not existing since I don't ride a Harley just too far!!!

    And that brings up a pet-peeve of mine. I like motorcycle riders. Especially in the months from October to March when the temps are in the high 30s and the rain is coming down. Then all you see are the year-round riders who know what they are doing. I can trust them. But during the warmer months...I can't relax when I see another rider. I have no clue what they'll do. Will they join up just off my rear bumper and decide we just formed a group ride? Will they decide to pass me within my lane to prove their manhood? I've had both happen to me numerous times. And just because they've ridden for 20 years, doesn't mean they have 20 years of experience. It often means they have 3 months of experience, repeated 20 times.

    So beware of the bug hatch!


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    To me this is the quintessential Cruiser. Some old f--k on his big twin oblivious to anything but the other riders he accompanies.
    With any misluck they will have the life span of the drones after the queen.

    When I read the title I was taken back to a bug hatch we saw in Richland Wa. The bug dudes come out in the zillions, fly around in the glow of the city lights trying to score with the queen and end up in huge piles under the lamp posts by morning.
    The queen, of course, goes on to lay another zillion eggs for next year.

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    The queens are around here all year long. But they only come out on dry, sunny, days during the weekend. However, you can avoid them even then if you get off the road by noon as they don't get up all that early after a hard night of partying at the local watering hole.
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