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by Richard230 Published on 10-12-20 09:52 AM
f you ever fall over and damage your F800/700/650's shift selector shaft mechanism, here is a video showing how to replace it easily without even needing to drain the oil out of the engine. Anyone should be able to perform this task in their garage with a few common tools, after buying the necessary replacement parts:
by bodrumsurf Published on 01-06-20 06:51 AM
Hi there.
I have F800GS 2016.
I have broke one of the rear signal.
Anyone know how to change that ?
by Chris Birmele Published on 06-09-19 07:24 AM
My 2014 F800GSA blows the headlight bulb frequently - once every fortnight or so, and I am not riding much in that time.

This only started happening recently, never had a problem before. Bulbs would last a couple of years or so, I replaced mine at least three times so far.

My GS-911 diagnostic unit does not indicate any issue, so this is puzzling me. I can only imagine an electrical spikes might cause it, but this is a guess ..

Has anyone experienced this before?

by Richard230 Published on 05-27-19 09:40 AM
I located these wiring diagrams in the Haynes Service & Repair Manual for the BMW F800 & F650 Twins.
by Richard230 Published on 04-01-19 09:32 AM
This seems like a useful article regarding how to clean and care for both your helmet and your face shield:
by Richard230 Published on 12-30-18 08:49 AM
While this article might not help owners of F800 models, it might just help owners of the F750/850 bikes some day.

by Richard230 Published on 10-31-18 10:28 AM
If you have the type of brake caliper that holds the brake pads in place with a hook built into the pad at the upper end of the pad assembly and a hole at the lower end that a rod fits through, which is screwed into the body of the caliper and is secured by a circlip or wire J-clip, you might give this a try to remove the brake pads without needing to detach the caliper from their fork mounts: First remove the securing circlip or wire J-clip on the pad attachment rod at the lower rear of the.....
by Richard230 Published on 08-25-18 06:11 PM
Here is an article comparing the two types of motorcycle tires: https://www.revzilla.com/common-tread/tubed-vs-tubeless-tires-all-you-need-to-know
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