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by Andyetti Published on 12-13-21 12:03 PM
Can anyone help??

Got a 07 F800ST with major piston slap (sounds like a diesel!!!!).

There is a 16 GT engine for sale near me and although I know the engines are the same outside could I do a straight swap with out having to mess with the electrics?

It is a cheaper option than rebuilding the engine. Wouldn't mind but my engine only has 10500 miles on it!!!!
by Richard230 Published on 11-29-21 06:45 PM
Here is a source for inexpensive fuel pumps and other fuel system parts for all types of vehicles, including BMW F800 models: https://www.highflowfuel.com/catalog/
by Phils_F800ST Published on 11-05-21 01:06 PM
I recently acquired a very nice F800ST and wanted to check suspension adjustments.
Trying to turn Pre-load, with tool supplied, felt like I was going to break the tool.
Trying to turn Damping Knob, by hand, failed.
So, applied liberal quantities of penetrating oil to both and eventually I was able to move Pre-load with tool supplied. After easing backwards and forwards I was able to achieve full revolutions and hear the click ( 1 click = complete turn).
The Damping Knob was eased by using a....
by Richard230 Published on 10-23-21 08:52 AM
Here is a little chart that I was sent by Batterystuff.com which shows the relationship between measured voltage and the remaining level of charge of a typical lead-acid battery:

State of Charge Voltage
100% 12.7 - 13.2
75% 12.4
50% 12.1
25% 11.7
Discharged 0 - 11.6
by Richard230 Published on 10-02-21 10:20 AM
For those of you that might have a motorcycle with tubeless tires, Project Farm has published this review of four of the tubeless tire plugging systems on the market. The Grand Pit Stop plugger seems to be a clone of the Stop and Go plugging system that I have in my toolbox. Or perhaps the Chinese company has bought out Stop and Go. Unfortunately, this review only addresses plugging car tires, but it is still interesting and potentially useful: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HcyscXvmXeY
by Richard230 Published on 09-11-21 10:05 AM
I recently had to remove the brake disc's 6mm-drive hex head retaining screws on my Royal Enfield Bullet, which are steel and threaded into hard aluminum. Three of the screws were not about to be unscrewed and whacking them with a hammer-propelled impact driver only chewed up the hex depressions. So to remove them I eventually had to slice the tops of the screws using a Dremel tool and grinding wheel and I then used the wheel to cut a ramp into the side of the screw tops as shown in the...
by Richard230 Published on 08-23-21 05:23 PM
Motorcycle.com has published a short article describing three different types of motorcycle brake pads: https://www.motorcycle.com/features/how-do-i-choose-the-right-brake-pads.html

F800GS / F650GS Twin no start

by leonel Published on 08-14-21 12:11 AM
I stripped my bike to spray frame, now bike won`t crank over, just does a click, where do I start, any pics of plug positions please
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