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Hall of Wisdom

by CDN_Hero Published on 08-23-17 10:16 PM
I just replaced the friction plates on my 2008 F800ST and after a day of fighting the Clutch Release Head (4) I determined that the clutch pressure plate was sitting too far out (away from the engine) and was causing the clutch release head to bottom out on the left engine cover and clutch release lever. I realized that by removing the last friction plate the release head and side cover went to together smoothly and after test riding I found the clutch to be much smoother than before. The...
by rideiteverywhere Published on 02-06-15 02:53 PM
After extensive multi-trips to local dealer to fix a stop-running issue with my 2009 F800GS (in the end, turned out to be a bad coil wire), the thing would only start in neutral (never mind kickstand issues, kill-switch issues, etc). There'd never been such a problem before, but service tech was pretty sure it was a bad clutch safety switch. So I went to work on it, and basically here's how it all worked out, successfully.
1. Remove the two T25 torx-drive bolts that hold the mirror and clutch.....

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