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by Lawrence of Suburbia Published on 02-06-14 03:34 AM
A further minor enhancement to the GT this evening, as I have now fitted a radiator guard to the bike. Cut to size from heavy-duty stainless steel mesh it should stop not only rocks and stones but Exocet missiles too!

The corners of the 330mm x 180mm piece of mesh were snipped off so as to make fitting easier. It was then fitted simply by bowing the piece outwards slightly (making it convex) as it was offered up to the rad, which then allowed it to ‘spring’ back into its flat ...
by Kelsow Published on 06-26-13 10:34 AM
So my water pump started leaking out of the weep hole.
With all the research I could find, most people either had it fixed under warranty or chose not to do anything till it got worse.

I couldn't find any info on how to fix this so I decided to try myself.

I always start with a before photo for reference.

I started by taking off the hoses,
by Mokkybear Published on 06-20-10 07:27 AM
Many have bemoaned how hard it is to see the coolant level through the small slit in the fairing - especially ST owners, who can't get torchlight onto the coolant tank because of the shroud each side of the radiator.

A simple fix is to add a small LED array behind the coolant tank. I sourced one from my local electronics shop for a few dollars - four white LEDs with a resistor to suit 12V power supply, encased in clear acrylic to make it robust and waterproof.

I attached the LEDs with...
by CB-800S Published on 06-21-09 04:54 PM
So. I'm gearing up for a track day where regular, anti freeze coolant is verboten. My options are -

Drain the anti freeze and run distilled water at the track then replace the anti freeze.

Drain the anti freeze and run a track specific coolant such as Water Wetter and water then replace the anti freeze.

Drain the anti freeze and run Engine Ice coolant that is track legal and good for every day use and leave it in there.

I went with the Engine Ice coolant option because I can...
by blackie Published on 09-12-08 12:13 PM
There has been some issues with the main upper coolant hose on the engine coming loose with the resulting coolant loss. Tends to happen around the 2000km mark give or take some kms. There's also been speculation as to why this is happening which nothing concrete has come up yet or that BMW is supposedly having a remedy for this.

Meanwhile as a simple fix for this, move the original clamp to just after the spout, push the hose back in until it touches the locating lugs. Place a a screw-on...
by kismetcapitan Published on 07-16-08 03:04 AM
Ever find white streaks on the right side of your bike, or worse, blue coolant dripping on you as you ride? If your coolant is overfilled, and you're running in hot weather (or driving like a maniac in any weather!), what is happening is that the overflow valve in the cooling system is opening and releasing coolant.

From gathering F800 riders' experiences, it appears that the problem is simply one of the reservoir tank being overfilled.

1) remove the right upper fairing. Take off the...

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