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by Richard230 Published on 10-23-21 08:52 AM
Here is a little chart that I was sent by Batterystuff.com which shows the relationship between measured voltage and the remaining level of charge of a typical lead-acid battery:

State of Charge Voltage
100% 12.7 - 13.2
75% 12.4
50% 12.1
25% 11.7
Discharged 0 - 11.6
by Richard230 Published on 05-27-19 09:40 AM
I located these wiring diagrams in the Haynes Service & Repair Manual for the BMW F800 & F650 Twins.
by Claudio_S Published on 04-21-18 09:48 PM
2007 F800ST

1. Put the key in and turn the ignition to start position.
2. No display at all. Nothing. Nada.
3. In my case the battery was in good health and was on a charger over the winter. If you experience this problem, your battery may also be dead or will drain after 2-3 days with the bike stored.

Here are two videos showing what the bike does in this situation:
1. When the ground is reconnected to the battery: https://youtu.be/A6yUPX7BcT0
2. Trying to turn it on/start....
by Richard230 Published on 05-23-17 06:05 PM
And one more Bike Bandit battery tech article. I found this one reasonably informative:
by Richard230 Published on 04-16-17 05:01 PM
Here is an article published by Bike Bandit discussing various types of motorcycle spark plugs:
by Richard230 Published on 02-17-17 10:23 AM
Here is an interesting short article published by Bike Bandit that discusses what to look for if you think your battery is starting to fail and when it should be replaced: http://www.motorcycle.com/ask-mo-anything/when-will-my-motorcycle-battery-die.html
by Richard230 Published on 01-06-17 10:33 AM
Here is an article published by Motorcycle.com regarding splicing and soldering wires that you might find interesting and useful:

by Richard230 Published on 10-02-16 05:58 PM
Bike Bandit has published an article detailing the advantages and disadvantages of lithium batteries:
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