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by Richard230 Published on 07-17-17 08:55 AM
The July issue of Motorcycle Consumer News contains an article discussing dynamometers. In a sidebar to this article they review a couple of smart phone applications that they say will provide an approximation of the horsepower and torque, along with some performance statistics for your vehicle, just by performing full-throttle acceleration. Attached are photos of two of the app reviews that sounded interesting and potentially useful for a motorcycle owner.
by Mokkybear Published on 08-28-16 11:00 PM
The cam chain on the F800 series is continuous, requiring the engine to be taken out of the frame and the oil pan removed from the engine in order to replace it. This takes something like 24 hours work.

The GS Adventure riders have discovered a suitable master link that enables the chain to be replaced without removing the engine - split the old one and new one, join them temporarily with the master link, pull the new chain through using the old chain, then remove the master link and use it.....
by shaun1 Published on 06-10-11 12:25 PM
Typical, just when my my ST runs out of warranty, the above gasket fails! I've decided to roll my sleeves up & do the work myself (my local dealer played me a while ago & I promised never to return again). Has anyone any practical tips on replacing this gasket? It looks straight forward enough but I would appreciate any guidance/tips/tricks of the trade.
by Mokkybear Published on 09-30-10 06:49 AM
Courtesy of a separate post by Bicyclist George:
See ADV: http://www.advrider.com/forums/showthread.php?t=623587
by livewire Published on 05-12-10 02:46 PM
Edit by de100kb: moved this thread to the HoW for future reference. Jump to posting no 50 and on for the real info thanks to Dunny.

End of edit de100kb

Hi Folks

Just wondered if anyone can shed some light on this for me.
Just turning into the car park at work this morning when I noticed that the red oil light flickered on and off a couple of times (F 800 S 07 reg 23,000 on the clock) . Stopped on the car park with the engine running and it did it again very briefly also noticed that....
by Mokkybear Published on 08-06-09 07:01 AM
BMW lists special tool no 123561-0 401 700 for removing the direct ignition modules from the spark plugs. This tool, however, is only available as part of a larger tool kit.

Fortunately the equivalent from a 1200 Boxer is also a perfect fit, and is available separately from the local BMW dealer for under $5 in Australia. A bargain!

Part number is BC-12137673248 Holder.

Pictures of the respective tools are attached (pic on the right is the cheap plastic one).
by backninecb Published on 02-15-09 11:18 PM
Hi Folks,I use this tip that I got years ago from the harley dealer.I know that's blasphemous but I still can't give up my 01 sporty.I have had an 07 st and and now have an 09 st and absolutely love it.(if the bars were a little higher I would love it even more)The tip...You don't have to warm the bike up a long time before riding,maybe a minute or 2, but, and it's a big but,always,always,take it easy the first few miles if you can.Keep the revs as low as you can the first little while and you.....
by simonlok Published on 10-14-08 02:07 PM
1 x BMW 114 277 07 217 Oil Filter

1 x BMW 114 176 52 949 Gasket Ring

3 x BMW 075 104 12 039 Oil

Chicago BMW motorcycles sells those parts for the following prices:

11427707217 $13.20

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