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Hall of Wisdom

by lskbike Published on 11-06-08 11:06 AM
RESOLVED - Muffler Mount - Loose or by Design?
I have found that if you can wiggle the muffler side to side slightly, appearing as if the single bolt mount is loose, the muffler is not installed appropriately on your F800/650GS. Thanks to ToadRide's mentioning what he found on his bike and following his instructions, my "loose" muffler is no longer loose. Per his suggestion, I loosened the bolts on the muffler "strap" (two) and tried to push the muffler on tighter. That did...
by kismetcapitan Published on 07-16-08 03:50 AM
I think I'm the only idiot here to use a Supertrapp endcap, but anyways here are my results. Using a Supertrapp allows backpressure to be tuned in small increments. After months of playing around, here's what I've found:

1) Never use less than 12 discs, unless you want to strangle your engine to death! In fact, 14 is probably the lower limit.

2) I currently use 17 discs with a closed cap. This offers similar torque compared with stock, yet breathes more freely on the top.....

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