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by steve n rose Published on 06-08-14 04:27 PM
I've been doing a bit of fiddling with the ST to try and stop a bit of the wind chill on the gloves. It started off with a bit of stiff clear plastic, namely a box from around venetian blinds(high tech, this project), some wire(for stiffening) and some gaffer tape. What I was looking at was fairing a bit of the gap between the fairing and the windscreen. I had to take into consideration looks, clearance from levers at full lock and effectiveness.
Once I had a shape I was happy with I tried it....
by johnbyrdgates Published on 03-04-13 11:39 AM
Anyone else have a 2013 f800gs with a right side footpeg that is bent forward approximately 15 degrees when looking down from the saddle? My bike is brand new and I have never dumped it. I noticed this when I put larger footpegs on and suspected the new peg was wrong, but it is at the exact same angle as the original. I put the original back on and it is also kanted forward. The original peg is just so small that I hadn't noticed.
by Mokkybear Published on 12-01-09 05:05 AM
On my last trip to the Phillip Island MotoGP, I noticed that both screws attaching the horizontal fairing bracket behind the cylinders had fallen out. Fortunately one of the screws still sat on the gearbox and so I was able to replace it for the trip home.

The service schedule doesn't include tightening these bolts, but it's worth periodically checking them and other miscellaneous screws to avoid loss.

When I went to get a new bolt from the dealer, the replacement part had a much larger...
by K_Biker_Bill Published on 08-21-09 11:26 AM
This method takes only a few hours and costs practically nothing. The factory might have made a few simple changes that would have allowed adjustment of their pedal to fit... but I guess that would have cost a few pennies too much (and after all, we're only customers).
I first noticed a problem after installing the MV Footpeg Lowering Kit and finding the increased out-set of my feet made the rear brake pedal difficult to find and use smoothly. I couldn't find any commercial method of extending....
by bric-a-brac Published on 04-11-09 04:18 PM
Lowering the brake pedal on the BMW F800 S/ST

This assumes you have fitted lower footrests and also wish to lower the brake pedal to restore the optimum angle to your foot. It requires basic hand tools and some simple metal work. This will lower the pedal by approximately 18-20mm and can be restored readily to the standard position.

This method is based on Whidbeyman’s thread:
by bric-a-brac Published on 04-05-09 01:58 PM
Lowering the gear shifter lever on the BMW F800 S/ST

This assumes you have fitted lower footrests and also wish to lower the gear shifter to restore the optimum angle to your foot. It requires only basic hand tools and no parts are needed. This will lower the lever by approximately 20mm and can be readily restored to the standard position. Further adjustments are also mentioned.

It may be necessary to remove some of the lowered footrest assembly to gain access to the various....
by bric-a-brac Published on 04-05-09 12:56 PM
Fitting the MV lowered footrests to the BMW F800 S/ST

The procedure is identical on each side except that the brake side (RHS) uses an additional spacer at step 5.

Parts supplied:

2 qty adapter block (marked MV)
2 qty offset piece (marked 8000)
1 qty spacer (for use on the RHS – brake side)
by Pat H Published on 01-27-09 02:16 AM
A number of riders have had rear pillion footpegs replaced under warranty for a fault that develops that causes the footpeg tojust work loose and fail to stay in the upright position.
The quick fix is an elastic band to retain it.
However even the dealer replacement is only a short term solution.
The ball and spring used inside the peg to cause the foot-peg to latch up or down are prone to rust (yes stainless that rusts!) and this causes the ball bearing to sieze in it's blind hole.
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