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by Richard230 Published on 10-12-20 08:52 AM
f you ever fall over and damage your F800/700/650's shift selector shaft mechanism, here is a video showing how to replace it easily without even needing to drain the oil out of the engine. Anyone should be able to perform this task in their garage with a few common tools, after buying the necessary replacement parts:
by bric-a-brac Published on 11-19-15 12:49 PM

Just replaced the belt and shock absorber (cush drive) rubbers at 41k miles. Here are a few things to note:

* read this first
* you will need a 42mm socket and a torque wrench that can tighten to 160 Nm
* also need thread lock and optimoly grease or equivalent for spline lube.
* belt is 27727719371 or (~1/3 price) Continental Contitech CT1158 - see link...
by Mokkybear Published on 11-29-13 04:50 PM
Just a bit of info on the final drive:

The F800 belt is a Conti Synchroforce Extreme.

Part numbers for the S/ST and GT are different due to the longer swing-arm on the latter:
S/ST: 27 72 7 719 371
GT: 33 83 8 521 719

Part numbers for the pulleys are identical between S/ST and GT.
by Pat H Published on 01-19-10 04:38 PM
Well my belt gave way on the way home tonight. Just shy of 39,000 Miles.
It had a slight tear on one side I'd noticed a few days ago and that seemed to be holding then just went.
I've had a used belt sitting on the shelf for over a year so just a case or replacing it.

So here's the pictures and procedure:

The bike safe home with it's belt missing:
by avboden Published on 07-14-08 04:21 PM
Article by Warby (Andreas)
Pictures supplemented by Avboden (Andrew)

If your bike is having problems with the gear indicator on your OBC screen, this is an easy fix. Whether it will never show neutral, or simply go blank, this is a common fix.

Remove the front pully cover by removing the bolts shown here.

Once it is off, look directly below the pulley. You will see this.

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