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Hall of Wisdom

by Mokkybear Published on 01-08-14 05:21 AM
If your bike has some distance up, the grips might be showing some wear. Rather than replace the whole grip including heating element, at a rather exorbitant price (of course), there is an alternative.

Ariete make a replacement rubber grip - but you need to carefully remove the old grip without damaging the heating element in order to fit it.

The only source I have been able to is ProCycles in St Peters, Sydney NSW.
by Mokkybear Published on 12-11-13 05:21 AM
I need to replace the steering head bearings on the ST and conventional wisdom if you search enough posts is that it is bearing No 30205, available from any bearing supplier (suits S, ST, R and GT).

Stick to recognised brands rather than cheapies - they're not that expensive, and much cheaper than buying from the BMW parts counter.

Dimensions 52 x 25 x 16.25, and of course you need two sets of bearings (with cups).

Unless you don't damage the bottom cover plate (large thin washer with.....
by ooohooohoooh Published on 10-26-13 10:24 AM
Gentlemen, I did it, fitted the R1200R bars on my F800ST (NO-ABS!!!!!!!!)

All done, adding some pics, and instructions

- ebay or whatever: BMW R 1150 R 2001-2005 Lenker (Steer) 201009699 (390474259187) - 79GBP
- motorworks : total bill ~10gbp
HAT13766 End weight 850/1100/1150 R/GS/RT 2
HAA51511 Hbar end weight M8x30 csk 2
by jessehere Published on 11-30-08 10:45 AM
I believe my head bearing are loose. i asked the dealer to check them during the 600 mile service. Still seem the same.

Now, I just put on my center stand and I believe they are loose and clunking. The steering definetly has some play when pulling on the forks.

Can someone post up the service procedure from the manual??
I probably will let the dealer tighten. but I need to know the what is involved. maybe a good HOW item
by Ataman Published on 07-20-08 03:15 PM
Steering head bearing is right under the BMW Roundel.

Adjusting screw to steering-head bearing, M18 x 1:
1. Preload, 25 Nm
2. Back off through angle of rotation, 60░
by Rob Published on 07-13-08 09:01 PM
So, you like the look and performance of your F800S but have grown tired of aching back and arms? I had, and I aimed to do something about it.

About six months ago, I heard through the grapevine that Spiegler, of braided steel brake line fame, was coming up with a superbike handlebar kit via their LSL brand, I was all in. The ACS kit is way too rich for my blood (even at Depot cost) so when I heard the kit was only going to retail for about $350, I was stoked.

The kit arrived on my...

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