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Motorcycle: 2009 BMW F650GS (Twin)
Owner: TwinMan
Manufacturer: GIVI
Product: Luggage Mounts
Product Rating: 8
Category: Luggage
Purchased From:
Purchase Price: $99.00
Purchase Rating: 10
Installed By: A Friend
Installation Price: $0.00
Installation Rating: 10
Install Mileage: 4,700 Miles
Uninstall Mileage: Miles
Created: 06-28-11
Updated: 06-28-11
Description: GIVI E194 Luggage Top Mount - to be used with Monokey products
Comments: Can be installed with or without any other tailrack. No easy way to remove mount to use just the flat tailrack already installed. Seems to work better without any other rack in place. Once installed, it works great!
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