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Motorcycle: 2007 BMW F800ST
Owner: RobVT576
Manufacturer: 1Offmotorsports
Product: HID Headlight Conversion Kit (35W)
Product Rating: 10
Category: Lighting
Purchased From: 1offmotorsports
Purchase Price: $159.00
Purchase Rating: 9
Installed By: Self Installed
Installation Price: $0.00
Install Mileage: 9,000 Miles
Uninstall Mileage: Miles
Created: 11-05-11
Updated: 11-05-11
Description: 6000k HID low and high beam
Comments: Install took some delicate work with fingers as you can't see the lowbeam socket. Instructions were perfect and for more detailed ones, the website has them. Took about 60 minutes.
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