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2014 BMW F800 GT Premium - "Elnathan"
Owner Daboo

Motorcycle 2014 BMW F800 GT Premium
Color White
Updated 04-13-16 06:03 PM
Mileage 2,660 Miles
Purchase Date 04-09-16
Total Modifications 0
Total Spent
Total Views 1867

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Purchased from a gentleman who built it into a touring bike using only the best add-ons.

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Hi Chris. I just bought a 2014 F800GT. I love the bike mechanically. I note yours has a number of upgrades. I have done Suburban Machinery lower peg brackets and Verholin handlebar risers so far. They help with the tight/folded riding position. Have you done anything further to increase the riding dimensions for comfort? I am 5' 10" so not too big but still feeling a little knee jammed and arm stretched. Thanks.