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2013 BMW F800 GT Comfort, Safety, Comfort Seat
Owner Sundog52

Motorcycle 2013 BMW F800 GT Comfort, Safety, Comfort Seat
Color Valencia Orange
Updated 01-31-19 10:01 AM
Mileage 24,910 Miles
Purchase Date 10-27-16
Total Modifications 0
Total Spent
Total Views 916

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Factory Side Cases, ESA, ASC, TPM, On-Board Computer, Center Stand and Heated Grips.

- TomTom Rider GPS
- Rox Risers and Spiegler brake lines
- Madstad 20" Adjustable windshield
- Hyper Lights (LED brake lights)
- LED Turn Signals
- Kaoko Throttle Lock
- OEM Comfort Saddle
- OEM Milled Clutch and Brake Levers
- Givi V46 Topcase
- Ilium Works Sidestand Foot
- Grab On Grip Covers
- Hornig Mirror Extenders
- Michelin PR 4 and Road 5