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2009 BMW F 800 ST - "080800"
Owner Superduper

Motorcycle 2009 BMW F 800 ST
Color Dark Blue Purple in the Sun
Updated 07-27-19 06:13 PM
Mileage 8,500 Miles
Purchase Date 06-30-19
Total Modifications 0
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Total Views 291

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Woke up from a nap like, you need to get on a bike. Been going through life stuff, break ups, quitting jobs, trying to figure out what the hell I am doing, wanting to do things that make me happy, and motorcycling is one of those things. My old F800 was the best thing I ever had. Sold almost all of my fishing stuff, some guns, and found a used one on craigslist for 4300. Flip that, found it then sold stuff. Bike had less than 7000 miles on it, '09 seemed like a pretty good deal, especially if I can get the price down. When I went to see it, realized right away it was the lowered bike. Took it for a ride. DAAAAAAAMMMNNNN!!!! Ive missed this. I was looking at other bikes too, in that $4000 price range, but always said if I could get another F800 I would. I haven't ridden many other bikes, but I've always loved this one since it came out. I think it looks amazing. Single sided swing arm, belt drive, good lines, its like nothing else out there. And its a twin! I was never a fan of the high revving stuff, don't like the sound as much. I wish BMW would drop a 900 twin, boxer be amazing, oh well. So I decided to buy the bike anyway, seemed like a great deal. Came with one of them madstad screens, as well as a cee baileys screen. Cruise control, a cup holder, lol. Raised bars, it was obviously a short person who had this. Right away I wasn't a fan of the lowered option. Felt weird in the turns, felt weird just riding. Front suspension was super short, and soft, bottomed out on a bump riding home. So right away I knew I had to raise it up. Hoped it wouldn't be too big a deal. Started looking on the forum right away. Started buying on eBay. Only thing I couldn't get were the dampers, just can't get them from BMW anymore. Luckily Mike here on the forum hooked it up with the parts, did the job, what a difference, now its a real 800! Love this bike. I need to take it easy, get the MPG up, I'm at or just below 50. Used to do way better than that, but I have been riding it like an animal. Guess it was these last 9 years I missed.

ToDo List
Raised it up already. Got the same little short remus I used to have on my old bike on the way from a forum member. Would like to get a tank bag. the big BMW one was legit, just pricey. Need to get a proper rain suit. Rains over my house almost everyday. Maybe not anywhere else, but over my house, yeah. Need to get some new tires too. Need to replace the front brake lines since the factory lowered ones are shorter. Would like to get a fender extender front and rear. Thinking about wrapping the pipes, I dunno yet. Need to change the oil, maybe in two weeks or so when I get some money coming in. Tires too.