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2007 BMW F800ST
Owner Superduper

Motorcycle 2007 BMW F800ST
Color Grey
Updated 07-27-19 06:22 PM
Mileage 43,000 Miles
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Got the full luggage, factory. Broke one off knicking a cars tail light with it, cost about 60 bucks to replace the back plastic. Got into an accident at like 5000 miles or so. Cost like 4,000 for repairs. Cosmetic. I drive it alot and it works good.

Easter Sunday 2011? 2010? Crashed this, totaled. Was just over 83,000 miles. Went to make a lane change, checked blind spot, turned back around and the lady in front was hard on her brakes. Grabbed all of mine but went straight in around 55-60ish maybe? Friend said I flew into the air 15 feet, my brain paused for the hit and the flight and hitting the floor, when I opened my eyes I was sliding on my left side and saw the bike nose to the floor ass straight in the air flipping forward, closed my eyes hoping it wouldn't land on me, rolled a couple times, sat on my ass, jumped up and limped to the side of the road. Traffic stopped. This was in the second to right lane on a 4 maybe 5 lane highway at that section. Ankle was tweaked, twisted. Helmet took a little damage. Alpinestars mesh armor suit did well, got a little rash on my arm, not too bad. Chipped a bone in my wrist, full gauntlets would have been nice. Bruised my kidney, landed on my bag which had my gun in it. That got messed up, but they fixed it for free. Cried when I got home because I lost my best friend, favorite thing. Insurance had lapsed a few days before the crash, was going to get paid in a few days when I got my check, so I was not covered. Stupid ass companies, but, I wasn't paid up. All the members on this forum put together funds to help me get a new bike. Most amazing thing total strangers have ever done for me . Ended up getting a 94 R1100RS which most F800 guys weren't happy with, but whatever. That bike was fun, old, did some work on that until the battery died after a year or so. Needed the funds to finish paying for the grey F800 here, so I sold the 1100 and have been bike less since. 2012 I guess? Now I'm back on two wheels.

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You selling the bike? How goes everything?