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Whats app group

  1. Flook
    Hi everyone, I hope you all had a good Xmas and New Year celebrations, though we are all limited with what we can do at present.

    I was thinking over this period about what I could do to try and bring our small community closer together if at all possible. Also, I have noticed new members on the F8 forum who live around a 2.5hour journey from my area, okay further for some and nearer for others, so what could be a better way of reaching out other than via the F8 site and emails we do at present.

    Well I have had a mini brainwave (if that is at all possible), how about a “Whats App” group. I belong to one or two, I expect you do as well. So what about that as an idea! If so it would need a name, any ideas, I had thought EMF8, but that is restricted to East Midlands by name and not all of us are in the East Midlands, not that I worry about that too much.

    This could be a way to keep in touch with general banter, jokes etc.

    So your ideas and thoughts/views on the idea.

    Have a good one

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  2. Flook
    Hi all,

    My thanks to those who were kind enough to give me their mobile phone numbers, however unfortunately not enough to set up a decent ‘what’s app’ at this present time. Hopefully during the year I will get the rest then possibly act like a group who when meet up know each other.

    I belong to another similar group and we send out silly photo’s and funny vids, and of course greetings with responses of “How Old, I thought your older than that” etc, usual friendly banter that helps during this time.

    I know I have sent an email to you all, but just on the off chance you look in here.

    Also if you know of any one else who has an F8/F7/F6gs etc, point them in this direction, so we can try and broaden our small group. This would enable us when time comes round to have a good ride out and meet ups outside our areas of usual rides.

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  3. Flook
    Well, we are now live with F800 Riders UK in what's app.

    So if your reading this and want to joint just pm me with your name and mobile number, also what F model you have and a few details like where you live and riding experience then you should received a what's app message from me Welcoming you.

    We do not have to be alone during these troubling times, group messaging should be fun and enjoyable, also to expand, make new friends and so on, and hopefully one day we can meet up and ride together.

    Dave (aka Flook)
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