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  1. touratech

    i bought the touratech.

    they are not cheap. the basic part was about $300 and the additional part to protect the rads was another $180.

    Considering the cost of fixing the rad or replacing...
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    varios - the ultimate crash bobbins

    I have the vario cases.

    I will be buying something else.

    I can say that every time the bike has tipped over the varios take damage. the only upside is that they protect the rest of the bike...
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    ham fisted loose muffler guy...

    a few spacers? A washer perhaps?
  4. taller seat helps to keep knees away a bit

    i looked and looked for crash bars. Almost all of them bolt near where a tall guy's knees are or are close enough to hit. this could be nasty in a crash as a knee such a fragile piece of kit and hard...
  5. Thread: Byebye

    by LurkerLance

    I think we should check the RC8 forum boards 18...

    I think we should check the RC8 forum boards 18 months from now and see if he's ditching his RC8 with similar comments. Then the jury could weigh in on Corbay[:D] . I've got a f800gs and have ridden...
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    I've had the Varios on my bike for 15,000 km now...

    I've had the Varios on my bike for 15,000 km now and had 2 small tipovers. 1 was showing off my slowspeed skills to a few people and the bike stalled (it has done this many times at slow speed- I...
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    Hey Rock, glad to hear you've read the Hough...

    Hey Rock, glad to hear you've read the Hough books and watched the Ride like a Pro vids -- excellent work. If you get a chance try "Twist of the Wrist" as it talks a lot about behaviour (intuitive...
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    Have fun but definitely get a bit of riding...

    Have fun but definitely get a bit of riding instruction of you can and pick up some books. While your neighbour and boss might be good help sometimes it's best to have a 3rd party in the lineup.
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    june 26-27-28-29, 2009 Pennsylvania

    Hi all.
    I'm taking a few days off work to ride thru a bit of PA and see Frank Lloyd Wright's Fallingwater and take in some scenic roads.

    I'll be travelling Friday, June 26th from the Toronto area...
  10. I'll slip one on! :D

    Just got my f800gs. dropping a few mods all over it the past few weeks. would love an aftermarket pipe.

    gas on, brain off, ride
  11. crash bars crashing into my knees!!??

    I have been looking for a bike that fits well. I'm 6'5" and my knees or shins always hit fairing pieces or on the GS1200 they ride just above the cylinders so any serious bashing and I've bounced a...
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