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    This thread is just a rant about the best motorcycle boots I have ever owned. I am also interested to read if there are similar products or services available in your part of the world?
    In this throw away society, dominated by designer labels and cheap imports, it is sad that the humble cobbler is fading into obscurity. Medal shoes in Fitzroy, Melbourne, Australia has defied the trend for over forty years, by offering tailor made quality motorcycle boots and shoes. His hand made motorcycle boots are legendary in this part of the world and anybody who has owned a pair will have the same story to tell. When you buy a pair of Medal boots, each foot is measured individually, including the calves. Once ordered, you could expect to pick them up within one to three weeks (he is just one BUSY cobbler). Every part of the boot can be replaced as required.
    He was for many years supplying Victoria police and Australia post, which needless to say kept him busy.
    Anyway, I have recently gotten back into bike riding and these boots are just great, so I thought I would replace the soles (after ten years of wearing them five days a week). They haven't actually been worn that much in the past ten years since I retired from my job as a Postie, but I do still wear them when I am slashing blackberrys, bushwalking in snakey terrain or when I go out occassionally (yes they are an attractive and comfrtable boot worn under a pair of jeans). So I rang the old number and spoke to his wife who said they were only open a couple of days per week and that he didn't make custom boots anymore. I then asked about repairs and she put me onto Tony who I asked and he said he would make me a new pair for about $400 and or repair mine. Now that is service, considering I have not set foot in the shop (which he now works out of the back of) for twenty years.
    So if you are down Melbourne way, do yourself a favour and see if you can talk him into making you a pair, before he is no more.
    Medal Shoes
    Rear 160 Gertrude St
    Fitzroy VIC 3065
    (03) 9419-4374

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    When I was a kid racing mini bikes in the 60's and 70's, I always had trouble finding boots that fit due to having wide feet and big calves. My grandfather, who was in the shoe manufacturing trade took me to a bloke in Fitzroy a suburb of Melbourne and had me measured for custom made boots. It was run by Tony and his wife Mary. They were the most comfortable boots I ever had and apart from resoling lasted years and years. Recently whilst walking around Fitzroy, I discovered that they are still open for business and working out of a garage at the rear of their sons computer shop located at the same address. I have just ordered another pair of custom made boots for the sum of $450.00. Tony remembered me and my grandfather
    Glenn Wainrib
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    Custom boots are a nice luxury.
    In the USA is Bates
    prices from 250-270$
    Friends used to have theirs made and loved them.

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