How RKA Product is Born

Personally I have been thinking about compartmentalizing our luggage for some time.

Which would increase the customer’s options for how they load and use their RKA products.

We thought about the “tic tac toe” camera bag type insert but we decided against that idea for a number of reasons. That’s another article and story.

I have tried our RKA waist packs,

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I have tried our liner accessory bags, The small bags in these photos.

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I have tried the NEW WIPP waist belt pack using the build in velt loop we started manufacturing this year.

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Nothing really floated my boat.

Understand we get suggestions from customers almost every day. AND most of them are great ideas. BUT most of them are very focused on their particular application.

RKA has to manufacture things that are functional and also work for most all our products and all our customer’s wants and needs.
For all you folks that have a great idea please remember.
“You cannot please ALL the people ALL the time”
But also understand we read and consider all of them.

So I want to thank Dave Williams for poking me to get on with this project. Thanks Dave!

"Kathy and Richard - I was doing a little browsing from your ad at (thanks for the sponsorship) and noticed your waist packs.

I use an REI waist pack in my RKA tank bag. It serves as a container and organizer for valuables, medication, ear plugs, etc. It's handy because I can take it out of the tank bag when I stop for lunch or whatever. It's not handy because the belt gets tangled up with other stuff in my tankbag. I've always wished the belt were removable. I must be the only one who thinks that, otherwise such a thing would be available. You can call it Tork's Pack if you decide to go to market with it.

Just a thought from a loyal customer.
Dave Williams"

So a little history as to how this thought process was taking it roots.

For years we have used our waist packs for storage inside our tankbags but like Dave mentioned the belt AND wing pockets were always in the way.

This year we have collaborated with our good friend of 30 years Mike Corbin. RKA as designed liners for his fabulous Fleetliner saddlebags for the SlingShot and Spyder.
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On the design table there was a small change in one of the smaller bags and I inherited the prototype for my own usage and guess what?
It was just a little oversized. But turned out to be almost just what I was looking for.

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The rejected Spyder liner bag insert was based on our large waist pack,

I am using it NOW in my RT liners for extra electronics like camera, batteries, cables, chargers.

I have changed its function now to carrying my personal stuff like ID, wallet, phone, keys, etc. anything you want to get too quickly. PERFECT.

Now we are working on a version that will fit in our tankbags based on our medium and small waist packs, the WIPP’s functionality and the belt loop feature on the back, the liner accessories bags and or a combination of them all.

Stay tuned for the finished product(s) that we will offer to fulfill your storage needs.

This is not the end of this article but just the beginning. Stay tuned.
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