15th Annual RKA/Sonoma Raceway Food Drive
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Hi Gang,

What a GREAT day for charity, friends and riding motos!!!!! We gathered a lot of food, and the big surprise was the $700.00 in cash we got from riders and from the raffle!
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Theses’ a video for that
Called “15th Annual RKA/Sonoma Raceway Food Dr”.

This is Kathy rolling into turn three as this was more or less parade laps. BUT still at a pretty brisk pace! Thanks to Laurence and his gang.Hope you all enjoy it.
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It was fun to produce and took most of Sunday as we had multiple cameras, TONS of stills and editing was a challenge.

Couple of interesting points … You can see we were held up by cars coming down into Stinson Beach. But you will see it did not slow down one of the bicycles! I also captured an actual four wheeler accident at 101 and San Marin! Duhhh.

I gave all the credits I could think of in the video.
One I forgot was the Sonoma Raceway Café and Val and her crew for setting up the coffee & pastries.

I want to thank Jere Starks for picking up the food at our Windsor shop Friday! This helping gesture allowed Kathy to be able to ride her little F800R Hot Rod pictured in the lead photo of this article.
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This IS a Sonoma Raceway Event!

RKA is just one of the helping hands like the riders.

Here are a few of the BIG WIGS I will repeat;
Jere Starks
Jennifer Imbimbo
Laurence Lea
Surj Gish, City Bike
Budman, BARF
Kathy Storin (My lovely Wife)
3J’s Track days, Jere Starks
Sonoma Raceway Tickets, Laurence Lea
Adaptiv Technologies, Wayne Chen [email protected] 646-722-0253 (Glowrider Jacket)
JT&S Performance, Jim Higgins [email protected]
MotoChello, John Martinelli [email protected]

AND ...... ALL OF the RIDERS!

Kathy and I hope we can do this next year and hope to see you all PLUS a friend or three!

Richard Battles / Kathy Storin
7694 Bell Rd
Windsor, CA
707 836 7659