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    Hello all. Noob post.

    Looked for info on setting rear suspension preload/sag on new 700GS - not much to be found online. Here are my calcs so if anyone can set me straight - appreciated.

    - 170mm travel (2017 - from BMW site)
    - 30% race sag (static plus rider) so 51mm (30 percent of 170) preferred (I got this 30% number from several sources including Touratech (can't post link -
    too new - see below on how to find the article) because there are no numbers in the book or online for actual 700 race sag). I can't find a ratio for the 700 (135:65 for the 1200) so using the recommended 30%

    Unloaded - 377mm centre axle to to the grab bar)
    Static - 352mm (no rider, same points fo measurement)
    Static sag (pretty consistent - includes top box) = 2.5cm (25mm)

    So, if I have 25mm static sag and need need 51mm for prefect pre-load, correct race sag to (51-25) - 26mm with rider(s) - in other words, whoever is on the bike, the bike should go down by 26mm - so adjust preload to correct (obviously, with pillion rider, more turns to the right to achieve 26mm drop)

    Sound good? What do I have wrong?

    PS - I know what the book says - this is more an exercise in nerdism.

    PPS - to find the Touratech article, paste this into a google search and it's the first link "Touratech HOW-TO: SETTING SUSPENSION SAG"

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    I need to set up the girl friends 700 also, thanks for the info !

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    Thanks Andy, your work looks very good and has reminded me that I need to have a look at this as well!!

    Have you noticed any improvement since setting yours up?


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