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    Obviously my findings only, but thought it could useful...

    Hi all,

    A bike recently caught my eye on eBay. It was being sold through PAP Auction Group. As the name implies its an auction company. I was a little bit dubious even after 30+ years of buying motorcycles from main dealers, joe public and of course eBay, I had never used this company before. Thinking nothing to loose, give them a bell. I did and was very pleased I did. A young lady by the name of Jessica was able to answer, very professionally, any questions I had about the bike and buying process. She went into great detail of any marks on the bike as it was 12 years old, she did mention one or two. I explained I was not able to go and see the bike. So, she immediately arranged for some hi def pictures and a video, of the bike running for me to look and listen to. These arrived within 15 mins and I was able to make the decision that I was interested. I phoned Jessica and asked about delivery which I got for a very good price and time scale of 4 days. So, at a grand total of £400 including auction fee, less than dealer price we agreed on the sale. A deposit of £99 given with balance to be paid to the driver. Jessica could not have been more helpful or professional in her manner. A credit to the company. The bike is great, so what did I get a BMW F800S, less than 13000 miles, 12 months MOT, and a full BMW service history, very very pleased.

    As a comparison on eBay just before I saw mine. A damaged repairable with over twice the mileage. Went for £80 less than I paid with at least £400 needed spending on.

    So, a big thank you to Jessica and the PAP Auction Group.

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    Sounds like you scored big time. A friend has gotten motorcycles before from auctions. One BMW that had been left at the airport, LAX, had clothes in the saddle bags. The guy was pleased they were his size.
    Oh, the bike was OK too!

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