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    Hi there, I have recently picked up a 2016 FC 350. Now I need a new helmet, as I used the Shoei full-face helmet I normally ride with, and realized that the helmets that work fine with the sports bikes are in no way created for a dirt bike ride.
    Well, that's an obvious thing, I guess, but I simply didn't have an alternative helmet. Now I plan on picking up one and have even made my own research on dirt bike helmets based on the online reviews and youtube vids people have shared.
    6D Intruder Graphic Men's ATR-1 A6 MotoX Motorcycle Helmet - White/Red Gloss/X-Large from Amazon
    Just 1 J12 Unit Carbon Helmet at motorcycle id
    My budget is around $500, but it's flexible as I realize that my head ain't cheap haha
    Can anyone please comment on these 2, or perhaps alternative helmets that you know are better?
    I just do not feel I want to buy something I will regret....
    Appreciate any help.
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    I'd start with They have helmet reviews that cover more kinds of criteria than any other place. And since the same people test all the helmets, you have some consistency to the reviews that is meaningful.

    My saying my XXXX brand helmet is fantastic is worthless if your head isn't shaped the same as mine.

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    I’ve just bought Schuberth R2, most comfortable helmet I’ve ever owned, all the Comms are built in, you just need to add a kit for £130.

    Schuberth are doing some big discounts, I got mine for less than half price. And Schuberth send you a free tinted visor.

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    I got a helmet, gloves and pants and jacket deal from Cycle Gear.
    It's the helmet is the ADV type and works pretty well. Regular helmets I've had Scorpions that were less than $100 on close out.
    Don't mind the low price. They work in a get off. I've field tested the EXO 1000. It broke all to hell but my head bone is still good.
    There are differences but most legitimate helmets are Snell/Dot approved. So you can pay a lot for a snazzy paint job or get a good helmet on close out.
    You don't note your location so testing the various helmets in person may not be a possibility. It's best to be sure of the fit before ordering online.
    A friend and I got Scorpions online and found the sizing in that style had changed. The new style ran much tighter than the other we had used.

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    If riding off-road then forget face shields. Goggles are a must. You will (or should) be breathing too hard to be behind a face shield.

    As for throwing money at the problem I do not believe one can assure better protection at higher prices. Find something comfortable. On the street you might spend more to get a quieter helmet but goggles negate that.

    I won’t spend extra for pretty because the primary function of my off-road helmets seems to be deflection if branches. Gets the heck scratched out if it.

    I go through several goggles per helmet.

    Fly, Thor, HJC, and many others make excellent off-road helmets at affordable prices.
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    such good piece


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