Hey Everyone,
I'm looking for anyone with either an 04-10 F800S, 04-12 F800ST, or 05-14 F800R, in Tasmania
I've been in contact with PivotPegz which makes some really nice footpegs for BMW bikes, and I had emailed them about possibly making a set for F800R's.
I took mine off, measured everything and emailed them. It took them a few months to make a prototype, and they got back to me. They said they had someone with an F800R that was supposedly going to go try them on, but they lost contact with him/her.
So I'm wondering if anyone is available to help.
I live in the united states, and unfortunately am not able to go see if they fit.
Wondering if anyone in the area of Devonport, Tasmania, can go over and see how they fit. The brackets which hold the footpegs are 46717684320 (Right) and 46717684319 (may be superseeded now)
With the low ammount of peg options for the F800R, I figured, it'd be nice if someone came out with some good options,
I have a 2012 F800R, I think the newer models, they changed out the plates to a different one.