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    Dec 2019
    20 Hours Ago
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    Hey all

    Ive got a 2011 f800gs that came with a heavily lowered suspension. It seems to be an aftermarket wilbers, 60mm (lowered), rear shock. I have since replaced it back to stock.

    From what I can tell and was told by a knowledgeable friend, the front end is stock height and wasn't changed. His words were, when it was still lowered, "the front looks really high if you look at it"

    The bike is definitely Not The "low" model option

    In speaking with a suspension guru via email, he said it would be pretty surprising to have had the rear so low without the front having been changed too.

    How can I know?

    I searched via mobile and couldn't find any forum or manuals that say anything like "the front forks should be this tall from here to here". Can anyone help me out?

    Thanks !

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    Aug 2019
    4 Days Ago
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    My 2013 GS (which are stock WP shocks) measures 9.5 inches from the lip of the fork seal to the axel casting, with the front wheel off the ground.

    Stock forks have about 9 inches of travel (230mm)


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