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    '15 F700GS
    On the 2015 700GS I was perhaps incorrectly under the impression that I could press the ABS button while moving and my ABS light would come on indicated that the ABS no longer activated,,.
    My 800GS buddy was playing with the settings and now when I follow that same procedure I get the (ASC warning triangle) only when following the same procedure,,.

    Now I'm being told that you need to stop the bike, press and hold the ABS button and first the (ASC warning triangle) lights and eventually the (ABS light) comes on, need to stop again to activate both systems or turn the key off and back on,.

    Thought I read in a review of the bike where they were under a similar impression to mine, which was the ABS button could be activated and deactivated while riding,. Is there someone with a 700 that can verify either or,,. I was thinking that perhaps the 800 might be set up differently?

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    '17 F700GS
    From my 2017 F700GS hanbook: "Switch the ABS function off at standstill only."

    Followed by: "Press and hold the 1 button until the ABS indicator and warning light changes its display behavior. ABS indicator light lights up."

    That's the way I do it.

    2017 F700GS - I wish it had a drive shaft 

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