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    Oct 2020
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    Has anyone tried to fit a pre 2016 exhaust on a post 2016 model?? I have looking around and it seems that as far as I can find only Akrapovic, Sc-project and GPR make specific exhausts for post 2016 model.
    No Arrow, Leo Vince,
    To be truthful they are a bit out of my price range(my wife's actually).
    I am trying to find an alternative but at this seems that the cheapest I can find is the Sc-project that is about 450+ shipping.
    Does any one have suggestions, or experience fitting something other that the I mentioned?
    Thanks from Portugal

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    Nov 2017
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    I have 2017 F800R model, so the same than 2018 and further. As I didn't see much choices in exhausts, I took an exhaust for the pre 2016 models, and the mounting is the same. They're not listed as compatible with post 2016 only because of the Euro 4 homologation.
    I think in Euro4 exhausts there's only the modification of the db killer which is now soldered, so less easy to remove
    F800R 2017 Motorsport 

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    Apr 2019
    1 Week Ago
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    Hey there, I've got a 2017 f800r and my exhaust is from a pre 2016 f800gt, I believe it was a 2014 but am not 100% sure, either way it fit perfect, I didn't have to make any changes.


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