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    I thought I would start a thread listing various published F750/850GS reviews that we come across. I just found two print magazine reviews yesterday. Unfortunately, so far, these reviews seem to be not much more than a regurgitating of BMW press releases, specifications and factory photos:

    The Spring 2018 issue of "The Independent" (yeah, right ) BMW Motorcycle Magazine, ($6.95 US) contains a colorful and reasonably detailed 6-page article featuring the two new BMW models. A lot of specifications are provided, along with an engine cutaway, which shows that the engine design is very conventional and the wonderful and almost unique third connecting rod balancer and the not-quite dry sump are gone, replaced by a real dry sump housed in the engine case, along with the fuel tank moved back to the usual position, so as to provide an "improved center of gravity" - along with requiring the removal of a tank bag in order to gas-up. The bikes have a odd looking pressed-steel main frame that reminds me of one from a 1930's BMW. Both models are longer than the F700/800GS versions, at 61.4 and 62.7 inches, respectively. Base (before adding farkles) weight has been increased to 494 and 505 pounds. Fuel tank capacity has shrunk to 4 gallons and fuel mileage has dropped to 57 (US) mpg. Top speed is 118 mph for the F750GS and 125 mph for the F850GS. 0-60 mph acceleration times are 4.1 seconds for the F750GS and 3.8 seconds for the F850GS. My guess is that these are all published BMW figures and were not measured by the magazine staff. The article claims that both bikes will be available at dealers this March (so much for that prediction ) and an F850R roadster version is being predicted to arrive later as a 2019 model. Prices are given as "from $10,195" for the F750GS and "from $12,895" for the F850GS. Of course, we all know that the initial "launch models" will be loaded with factory accessories, such as the $600 TFT display, which will substantially increase the price for early adopters of the new bikes. No word about a GT version, though. Please tell me because I already had a bad experience in the selection flowing chevy exhaust manifolds...

    The May issue of the UK publication Bike ($9.95 US - and arriving a month late), contains a three page spread on the F750GS and F850GS, which is definitely just a compiling of BMW press releases and photos of the two bikes. Availability in the UK is listed as being May 12. Prices are given as 7950 pounds for the base F750GS model and 9200 pounds for the "sport" model. Prices for the F850GS are 9400 pounds for the base model and 10,650 pounds for the "sport" version. The article is followed by a full-page ad for the 4,199 pound Royal Enfield Himalayan. Sort of an interesting contrast in vehicles.

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    I don't know about Bike magazine because I haven't seen on in a U.S. book store for about six months due to book stores being shut down due to pandemic rules. However, the BMW Motorcycle Magazine folded over a year ago. So I guess it wasn't supported very well by the Fatherland.
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